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Yamana Sniper Rossi Yellow


New Member
Really nice Bike...
would love to take it out for a few hours... and see how it behaves...
It for sure was not cheap to modify it... (wished, i would have the money ... AND... even more important... know somebody here in the South who can do such work)


Super Veteran
Well you know the GPS reading had given an off count of actual speed, 100 km/hr is more like 85 km/hr. So in Yamaha speed, it can go up to 135 km/hr which I think is about 120, if I crouch down into the racing position on a flat road.

Hows your speed goff? The bike also looks good with a nice big rear sprocket. Better if we could install 16 front, then a smaller chain would be needed.


New Member
WOW!! that IS ONe mod Sniper that would want me to flush down all my savings... by the way where is the Tres Scooter located??