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Yamaha Fzs 150 Acceleration Problem.


New Member
i have Yamaha fzs150. i found acceleration problem some times.
when i ride 2 or 3 hrs with full acceleration my bike found normal but suddenly gear down and i found my bike acceleration not good and some times thats situation my bike engine off when my acceleration up.
after 5 min wait and again my engine start and found ok.
i already fuel tank clear, spark plug and air filter cleaned, fuel tank cap cleaned, engine valve gap checked. and also ignition coil changed but my problem not solved. some mechanic told me this is my CDI problem. at this situation what should i do...............................


Super Veteran
I think if your mechanic told you it's CDI problem, don't buy yet, if you know someone who has fz150, kindly borrow it and ride, if that solved the problem, then it's time for you to buy a new one.