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What is your riding style?

What is your riding style?

  • Track racing

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  • Street racing (which is dangerous you know)

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  • Crusing (just drive everywhere for fun)

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  • Stunting

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  • Commuting (to work and back)

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Different people have different riding styles, for example: Racing, aggresive road riding, commuting, stunting....so what are you?


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Commuting, Crusing and stunting. Sometimes during commuting, I go racing but out of consideration for other people on the road, unlike the mad rempits.


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I don't know how to set up multiple votes on a poll. If a board member here knows how, please explain the details. Yo BARUA! What stunts you do bro?


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MioBikerBoyz said:
I don't know how to set up multiple votes on a poll. If a board member here knows how, please explain the details. Yo BARUA! What stunts you do bro?
stunting not my LC aiyooo ..stunting for dirtbike during offroad terrrain


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Just need to install a balance bar at the rear brake light and you can wheelie forever. If your 135 is not a hand clutch driven bike, then instead of using your right foot to use the back brake, put it on the handlebar on the left side.

It's like BMX riding, except you can't stand on the rear balance bar on a bicycle :)


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I've been taking safety precautions recently! Just fabricated a rear stunt balance bar and soon gonna get bars near the front side panels near the indicator lights.


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commuting and cruising... but when i'm late...also some aggressive driving...which doesn't mean stupid driving...
i like driving fast.... but responsible.
still able to read situations early enough... and when i enter a village.... i slow down to 40... (that's then the moment, when the brainless guys overtake me with 100km/h)


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Hi CarroTT,

I think, fast driving not necessarily means unsafe driving.

But just another question ... maybe i should start it in a new poll...

How is it with doin a driving licence in your country...
I mean... i know, how it is in Thailand...
watching a video..doin a theory test,... and driving just one lap of maybe 100 meters on the parking ground...
no teaching in bike handling, correct breaking or any training on a bike at all...

but,... how is it in Malaysia, Singapore, Phillippines and Indonesia.
Do you need to take driving lessons before getting your licence?


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for me.....
first 15 minutes....defensive driving
next 30 minutes....offensive driving
finally for the rest of the ride...combat driving.....he...he... :evil:


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The license examination for car, small bike and big bike ( over 500cc) is ridiculouly easy in Malaysia.

They keep on increasing the fees each year. I dun mind if they raise it, but for godsake pleeezz do increase the standard and requirements for the exam too.
The fact that its getting so expensive to get a license yet its the exact same exam u had to go through 10 years ago reli bitching me.

Small bike license its reli easy to get in malaysia.
On the track course,
do a figure 8
ride on a narrow bridge
make tight U turns
do emergency braking
blaaaahhhh, all the simple crap

Big bike license is almost the same, just that u ride a 500-600cc cruiser instead of a kup.
Just like pitsch said, the trainers dun teach u how to ride a bike for the first time. U had to find a friend to borrow his bike to train on.

I paid over rm500 for the big bike license years ago, now its even more expensive. The exam was damn easy cake, just sitting there waiting for my turn to get on the bike was the hardest part, i hate to wait :lol: .
The exam is still exactly the same now, they never consider to raise the requirements up to standards like the western countries. Damn it .

Even singapore exams are much much much harder than ours, but i dun like the fact that u had to wait for years to be able to ride a big capacity bike:lol:
In malaysia, u can straight take the big bike license test . Then u have license to go FAST :twisted:

No pitsch, bike and car license are taken separately.
U dun need a car license, but u need a bike license to ride a bike here.


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wait till you hear this

I'm an american, in the Philippines, when i went for my car licence, ther was only a pee test, for drugs. thats it. when i went for my bike licence, i gave the instructor 500peso's i got my lices in 30 min's thats all i did.

Now how safe of a driving test is that. no writen, no physcal no verbal test what so ever. and the same thing, the price of the test is the same as other countrys, the price goes up every 6 months.

BUT, bikes under 400cc are not aloud on the expressway. For big bikes over 400cc you have to show proff that your bike is 400cc and not 398cc. stupid. almost all 400cc bikes are 398cc. anything about 400 is ok, as long as you have a permit from the expressway office that gives
you permission to go on it.
By the way, the max speedlimit on the express way is 100klm/h.

Now can anyone tell me why a bike that can do more than 100klm/hr can not go on the express way???? hummm anyone??? it's because of this reason that motorcycles can not go on the express way at anytime.

The History of the Ban
on Motorcycles Using the Tollways
19 February 1968
In an Administrative Order entitled Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Limited Access Facilities issued by the then Department of Public Works and Communications, the following rule is contained: “On limited access highways, it is unlawful for any person or group of persons to: Drive any bicycle, tricycle, pedicab, motorcycle or any vehicle not motorized”
Based on stories we have heard from older members of the motorcycle community, the inclusion of motorcycles in the list of vehicles not allowed inside the tollways seems to have started following an accident on the SLEX involving a police officer. Over thirty years ago, police officers on board motorcycles were ordered to escort visiting U.S. dignitary Richard M. Nixon to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Laguna. The Government, wanting to give Mr. Nixon a nationalistic welcome, ordered these same police officers to replace their safety helmets with traditional Filipino hats. Unfortunately, tragedy struck along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) when one of the motorcycle officers was killed in an accident on the way to IRRI. In a knee-jerk reaction to this unfortunate but preventable incident, the Department of Public Works and Communications ordered an immediate ban of motorcycles from the tollways.


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Yeah,... some regulations or laws about the use of roads, highways, etc... are pretty old and not really up to date anymore...
but as long as there are the same old people (politicians) making or deciding about laws, not much will change.
(No worries... i will not do any talk about politics here... this is a forum about a really nice bike and their even nicer riders :) )

I think, the lack of teaching the people here in Thailand properly how to drive gets mirrored in the fact, that they have one of the highest death toll rates in traffic accidents world wide.

When i did my driving licences in Germany, years back, there was a minimum amount of hours on the bike (a 27HP Honda and Kawasaki) which you had to fullfill, before you even could get to the exam.
Some of the training and also tests were done on a training area without any traffic and 2/3 of the training and also the exam were done on the public road... in town and over the countryside...
you alone on the bike...connected with a headset and the driving teacher together with the examiner behind in the car.
But after passing the test, you could just go to a Bike Dealer and get a 100HP racer... and kill yourself.
I think, it's not such a bad idea to restrict the max. HP for a bike for the first year ... just to give the rider the chance to gain enough experience, before maybe getting something really big... and especially fast...
I saw 2 guys i knew dying because they couldn't handle the power under their butt...
to accellerate a 160HP monster even a 5year old can do... but to break properly and slow down early enough especially in critical situations is another thing.
sometimes,... laws are also some kind of protection for some individuals.

Ok,... here in Asia the problem with the really big and fast bikes is anyway not soo big, since they are usually damn expensive here and therefor not many can afford one...


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Right on...you know how it is here in Thailand? People are like children behind the steering. No common sense and its all hierarchy on the road. Nobody gives a rats arse about others and the bigger the vehicle, the more authority they give themselves.

Me I don't give way to anyone except if I am in the wrong. Call me the Ghost Rider GSX-r of Thailand when you see me in all black riding down the road dodging other vehicles, cuz I just don't give a shit.