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what do you think about aftermarket fuel saver?

there are many fuel saver, like magnet on your plug cable, magnet on your fuel line, magnet on your air filter etc... what do you think? I ever read once that all that is just a crap (who sold a crappy patty :D) because if the manufacturer already know about this, they will surely include this solution to every engine they sold to us, cause it will be a huge help if manufacturer create beast engine with small fuel consumption :D but it's only on heaven


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We see a lot of surface coated catalyst for fuel,
they claim it will somehow " activate " the fuel - becomes more powerful and more fuel saving.

I dunno what catalyst is tat, cud be platinum, polonium . . . . . i dunno
i did to of this,
If the catalyst DOES have effect on the fuel, why not just coat the entire intake manifold with this. Fuel are nebulized into fine particles, this is good for the process.


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Cannot do tat mate,
coz u somehow catalyze the reaction first, means some form of oxidation and reduction has happened, new compounds or radicals are formed and sitting in the tank.

While these compounds are still in the tank, its not used, we dunno if these compounds are harmful or not.
some says that this device split molecules in fuel and air into positif&negatif elektron so they will easily fogged and burned in the engine
these devices only contains long life magnet, some put them in plug cable to 'encourage' elektron inside to create a bigger spark...


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i dun think u can split molecules under the magnetic field.
What i learn in magnetic resonance spectroscopy is the atoms alligned will be induced to change its spin under an applied magnetic field.
That is using a bloody huge super duper humongous powerful magnet, and it dun break molecules down :shock:
those tiny little magnets wanna split molecules ?

Another thing is they use magnet and put it on the fuel line.
Theory is the positive and negatively charged molecules will be alligned by magnetic field when flowing through the hose.
I really dun know if it ever has significant effect, we know that we can do that with water H20, but the organic molecules in petrol is less polar . . . . .

Why dun they just fit the 2 tiny magnets between the mainjet ?
thats even much much more direct :lol:
you're right, petrol is hydrocarbon indeed and less polar, so magnetic field does'nt effect much to them, but what about if they put it in plug cable or air filter?


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dunno, never studied physics :lol:
i know nuting bout electricals

what i know is electric is electrons moving between 2 potential gradients :lol:

so, i tink the only way to make good use of magnets is . . . .
On the spark plug, the electrons jump from the electrode tip( cathode ) to the J electrode(anode) . So, if we put a magnetic field between the 2 electrodes, it will accelerate and direct the electrons from the cathode to the anode.
Just like in electron microscopes.
So it means we can totally redesign the spark plug :lol: I m a genius :lol:

although there are metal bounded compounds inside the petrol, but no idea if magnets have effect on it. No sure way, onli can test urself
well i have tested magnet on my fuel line, plug cable and my butt hehe, but nothing happens tough. I wonder, the electric inside the plug cable is ac or dc? because if dc, there won't be any effect (that's why transformator only works on ac)


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yah... heard of this FUEL MAGNET too but havent tried it.

if you want more info about this FUEL MAGNET
check this out

simple and brief explanation

more detailed explanation

this might also be good idea to attached it at the side of the FUEL FILTER.

- this will trap metal particles and not gets inside the filter element
thereby prolongs the life of your fuel filter.
- who knows it might save fuel based from the theories given

For experimenters out there,
try the magnets used in Professional RC (remote control) dynamo/motor
they are the strongest magnet in the world and its round.

anyone care to experiment?


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i got RC motors :D ...
the best motors on the market REEDY motors made in USA ( but the can is made in Japan by YOKOMO ) :roll:
it's the world champion's choice... :D
with QUAD magnet technology... :wink: :D


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i used to be crazy bout mini 4WD cars when i was very young.
got those very powerful neodynium magnets for the motor.

dunno where i lost it now