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Clutch What Brand Of Clutch Lining Can You Recommend To Me For Everyday Use?

Still on standard clutch plates, just put stronger springs after engine mods

Yamaha Exciter (T135 Vietnam) 183cc
UMA super-head (sport) 23mm in/20mm ex
UMA cam
63mm Mallossi bore
28mm PWK carb
DNA airfilter (top cut out of air box)
Stainless header pipe (with modified standard muffler)
Oil cooler (KTL Tecnic)
API Tech RCDI (fully programmable)
15F/41R sprockets
[email protected] inverted front forks
300mm front disk (RB)
[email protected] rear mono shock
std. rear disk
std. wheel and tires (f & r)
So you mean standard clutch plates are better than aftermarket clutch plates like faito? On loaded engines? Are standard better on wear and tear than aftermarket ones?


there are two kinds of clutch lining on our mc sniper classic. one is same of honda wave 125 lining 2nd same of honda TMX 155 clutch lining it depends or your sniper year model. i think 2010 model is same of tmx 155 lining, coz my mc is 2010 model
2012 model sir??


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worn out lining
the internal clutch pusher adjusting screw is not properly adjusted

Good day Sir Traxxas-modifier, These days I also encountered the same problem mentioned by Sir. fredi68. My MC is also Sniper MX HC. mile age is just 4680 km. all in stock condition.
Ok Sir., this is the scenario I am running at let say 80 to 100 km/h. i need to release the throttle and pulled in the clutch to slowdown a little bit when the time Im going to give a revolution the engine turn off and release the clutch again the engine starting again is there any relation about this clutch lining problem? many thanks in advance Sir. hope you will see this soon.
Just in case I need to replace the clutch lining can I use uma brand in stock engine? or is it better to use original yamaha parts.
additional info sir. i also adusted the Clutch lever free play. But the problem is still there. Thank You Godbless


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Hi sir, i replace my stock linings with tmx 155 linings. My problem is i need to full release first the clutch lever before my sniper mx start to run.. what are the possible problem of my sniper mx sir? Tia


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bro Tammy Oldrie Agasin. i've also replace the oem lining with wave125 lining, the wave 125 lining is thicker than oem stock. just installed everything back in sequence. smooth while riding but rough sound click on shifting gear.. the thin spacer.. in the service manual, is it the cushion ring(7) that was removed... http://s23.postimage.org/amh6cmsiz/clutch_bearing.jpg
Sir ask ko lng po if i removed the cushion ring then it will run perfectly? Classic 2006 n matic po snipey ko. How about the performance for everyday ride and for a long ride? Thnx sir.


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y dont you buy stock oem parts designed for the sniper?
if there is available in the market?

if there is minimal diference between the price dont hesitate to buy the oem for sniper... just my opinion... :)
Yup! I agree I trust Yamaha OEM parts they are really created to our mc's and they are really reliable!