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Tips: Change Valve Spring to increase rpm and speed


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cms is tried and tested, it is ok bro, in non magnetic valves, the valves are not attracted by magnet, like stainless its tough, so it wont easyly damage your valve tip , some mechanic told me that


vixion valve spring using here, very much satisfied on the performance and durability. even on high rpm and miss gear still mu MC is smooth and running without problem.:thumbsup:


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is it possible to use washer on stock valve spring and valve to make it stiffer ?
adding washers will put the stock springs in "more" tension and may make your stock valve springs prone to early coil bind ( you have shorten the compression travel of your spring.) rather than in the "normal" compression state. an upgrade is better than a backyard do it yourself and end up catastrophic engine damage. ouch!!:(:confused::eek:


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So it is possilbe to use the vixion valve spring and reach 11k rpm with out damaging the valve tips ? ( i do plan to install the mxking valve adjesting screw too )


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Vixion Valve Spring users here. We installed the Vixion springs on two snipers----2010 and MX. Two different set ups but one after effect....more silent engine with higher rev limit and speed per gear. Tried LHK aftermarket springs which were taller than stock but apparently couldn't handle the Turbo cam. It seemed then that stock was better. Vixion on both bikes now.

See the comparison of the LHK valve spring (left, longer and thinner) with the Vixion valve spring (right, slightly shorter but thicker).
Faito Bore kit
Faito Turbo cam
Big Valve head
Kitti CDI
Namban Pipe set

2011 MX
thanks Trax (hehehe)
old cam from the 2010 (unknown)
stock head
stock CDI
stock exhaust

So far, so good. Hope this helps

which want in vixion??