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T135 Sprocket Gear Specs with Real speed


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i was able to attain real speed 107kph speed on 3rd gear registering
10,000rpm on my veypor vr2

on philippine and indonesian t135 versions
(sniper/jupiter mx speedoter have 9% advanced over real speed)

the 107kph real speed is equivalent to 116kph on sniper/jupiter mx speedo

107+9% = 116kph


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Hmm i dont care what speed my odo reach ..what i cares is i feel the wind when i reach my topspeed..Hahaha


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the speed that shown on your speedo meter is not really accurate maybe it have up to 10% error from actual speed....dont really trust your speedo meter...


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I thing that's not totally accurate since engine power band will drop enough when we change gear 3 to gear 4.
so in that pict maybe 128 km/h in 4th gear can be difficult to reach or take long track to reach tat topspeed with 15-39 sprocket.


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OT:Not really sure if there is a factor regarding the tires.. my top speed then was 125kph with stock tires.. when I changed to frnt80/90 rear100/80 it decreased to 110kph..

if the stock sprocket is the best to attain top speed with an all stock sniper.. then I think I would leave it as is..IMHO comrades.