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bro haen problem occur to my bike
when i adjust my valve clearance
to 0.10mm in and 13mm ex in which
you suggested to your threads:(
tsk.....tsk....tsk....sound comes out
the first i adjust the sound is there
i check it again for the second time
but still the sound is there....huhuhu
what is the posible cause of this....
by the way my engine is full stock
no modified done yet....is the valve
clearance u suggest appicable to
stock engine like mine????
thanks in advance bro more power
to you.....


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valve clearance is really hard to properly set.
because everyone one of us has different muscles
some have strong muscles some are weak (like mine 8) ) hehehe.

the 0.10 "feel" is not the same with the 0.10 "feel"
with other person.

thats why its called "FEELER GUAGE" because you need
to feel how hard it slide in the valve clearance.

basically. tsk tsk tsk sound or tick tick tick sound
only means the 0.10 clearance set is not correct.
you use 0.10 feeler gauge but the "feeling" of sliding
it is not correct.

That kind of sound means valve clearance is still too wide.

so the question is, How "hard" should it slide???
that is the question :)


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maybe ur marking is not really straight
i mean ur magnetic coil timing and ur timing chain sprocket`s timing is wrong..


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tnx traxx for your insight bout my prob
one of this days I plan again to rechck
my valve clerance....hehehe co'z it gives
me a hard time to find the proper gap
of my valve.....

one of the mechanic in yamaha service
center told me that you have a proper
valve clerance if you can enter the
gauge to the middle of the valve then
if you can slide it out.....but in this sense
im still confuse......huhuhu

bro trax is rght... now we know the proper
valve clerance on how hard the gauge
slide....now my problem is how hard???
is it the harder one we can adjust the valve??/
as long as we can slide the feeler gauge???
i hope haen also share his knowledge and
experiences to this....thanks

Godbless 2 all...


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@snippy : two factors first : 1. get a good feeler gauge (etc. BANZAI brand / genuine YAMAHA) 2. dont adjust the clearance when the engine is hot

after that, feeling and experience kicks in...
for general guide.. it should be tight, but the feeler should be able to be pulled out

careful when adjusting 4 valves engine.. sometimes it gets uneven clearance on the other..


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thanks haen for your tips...precisely
it help me to adjust my valve clearance...
but the 0.10in and 0.13ex valve clearance
is it good also for stock t135 like mine???
coz there's no stuff i made to changed on
my bike...all stock...or i might stick 2
factory setting since my bike is fully stock???


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haen said:
TIP #8

Use a 4 leg RELAY (BOSCH is recommended, PART CODE BOSCH - 0 332 019 453 ), use this to power ur CDI and make that LAZY HORN TO WORK BETTER !!
(see pics attached)

installation on my BIKE :
(see pics attached)

1. Better ignition because the current is pure = better performance
2. No more power loss when u turn on the head lamp..
3. Cheap trick to increase ignition performance

4. Your main lamp now is brighter too


Leg number 30 goes directly to BATTERY'S POSITIVE TERMINAL , use thick cable and clamp, and fuse house complete with the fuse, 10 A will do...

Leg number 87 goes to CDI (cut the brown cable from the harness in the middle and connect it to the relay)

Leg number 85 goes to main switch (the other END of the brown cable that goes to the CDI female socket)..

Leg number 86 goes to GROUND, use cable terminal and screw it anywhere on the chassis (i screwed it at the CDI's bracket bolt)..

TIPS : buy a relay socket to make it easier and appropriate cable terminals (2 female small terminal (goes to the original socket), 1 small cable terminal (goes to the terminal from the original socket, after u pull it out of course by using small minus screwdriver and press softly the small part at the socket terminal), 8 large female terminal (4 for the relay's legs on the socket,2 for cable connection,2 for spares), 2 male large terminal...
Bro haen, Leg number 85 goes to main switch that right for me, how about (the other END of the brown cable that goes to the CDI female socket).. what parts of female socket in CDI that can i connect brown cable? sorry im newbie thanks!


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Guys can you help me where can I find the decompression assy in cam sprocket?can u show us a picture,..I appreciate it,...newbie here


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@ haen - i did the tip # 3 but it wasnt sauccesful white smoke comes out i check my valve seal and its ok.. my valve clearance also.. what can i do?


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white smoke.. hmmm.. i got this case once on my friend's bike.. apparently it's the piston oil ring.. believe it or not.. factory break in suggestion is not entirely healthy for the engine.. italian way is the good way...