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Hi guys,

ive talked to someone who have sniper and
i asked him whats his top speed, he said 135kph
i ask him how?, since mine can have 120kph top speed all stock.

he said he gets rid of the air filter (meaning he doesnt have air filter)
i said, in my motorcycle i cant gamble on gettin rid of the air filter
because its bad for the engine and its dusty in our place.

since air filter really have big impact on speed,
How can we increase air without getting rid of the air filter?



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if u remove the air box,
make sure to go to shop and get 2 breather hose filters
these are small size filters
can easily find at car shops, especially those that sells performance parts for cars .

coz, if u see in the airbox, u will notice 2 hoses is attached to it .
Attached the filters to it as a substitute for the air box.

It is apart of the air induction unit, located on the engine head.


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haha also can buy one from 4X4 partshop using snorkle air filter box..sure gempak loh,more air more glamour..wow! lokk at that LC got snorkle air filter muhahaha


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waaaaakakakakaaaa, T135 BOAT version :lol:

no nid for pics lar,
u just go snoop around the air box,
its just 2 hoses below where the carb fit into the box


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i guess this is why we need K&N performance filter for T135.

better breathing means more power and speed with everything else is stock.

stock air filter 120kph and no air filter is 135kph is a big difference.