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Sniper Mx 135cc To 150cc Basic Upgrade

Discussion in 'Modification' started by Ikyu, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Ikyu

    Ikyu New Member

    Sep 6, 2017
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    Hi there, just want to share my bike old set if ever someone here is wondering how they can add some power to there stock sniper mx 135 without changing stock carburettor and at the same time will look and sound like a stock.

    Here are the parts i use for my upgrades

    Cylinder head - Stock
    Valve - Stock
    Camshaft - Sniper Mx 150 camshaft
    Valve spring - Vixion valve spring ( you can also use v.spring of mx 150 )
    Bore - spec V 57mm i already flatten the piston cause its a dome type ( you can use mx 150 bore kit but vixion bore kit is advisable for its durability, no machining needed.)
    Carburettor - Stock carburettor Rejet 17.5 slow / 120 main with airbox and filter element ( I use the stock slow jet of SZ16, for the main jet 120 jettings for keihin roundslide will do)
    CDI - Brt dual band ( stock can do but if you want more top end go for brt )
    Exhaust - uma back pressure exhaust

    • More torque compare to stock and has a top end.
    • Silent and it look like stock because of uma back pressure exhaust
    • Less maintenance compare to fully modified engine (kargado) but has a power
    • No apprehension in places where open muffler is prohibited
    • No need to valve pocket the piston
    • Top Speed 130 - 140 depending on your sprocket set and tire size
    • More fuel consumption compare to stock but worth it because of the additional power it gives
    • Addition Expenses =)

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