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Shell Ultra 10-40w Fully Synthetic


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nag 130KPH ako using UMA Digital Speedometer. around 122km/hr on GPS. Used break in method by motoman which is used by Sir Traxxis.

Engine, exhaust and Sprocket all stock
changed tires to 90/80 rear, 80/80 front FDR Sports XR Evo. Removed the tube (interior) and my rear wheel is almost 2kgs lighter. I believe the hard break in and lightening of the rear wheel contributes a lot. I am also using RB footrest v4. I all weighed the tires and rearset and a saved 5kgs. My weight is 60kgs.

Imagine your rear wheel is 2kgs lighter multiplied several thousand times.

I was just having 120kph using stock tires and mineral oil. :)

Planning to reduce 5-10kg of my weight and who knows i can reach 130kph on GPS all stock. :)
i see. well actually that's my plan to change to 90/80 rear, it's just that my rear tire is still new, (sayang kasi). i,m quite heavier than you i'm 84kg and i also did hard break-in.


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why don't you try 14/39 or 14/40 so that you'll have a little bit better 5th gear response. when i'm still on stock 14/38, because of my weight, its's 110kmh but on 14/40 i was able to reach 118kmh on top and much better on acceleration. if you reduce weight 5-10kg wow, its like training hard like Manny, you can buy rear sprocket for less than P500. Peace. drive safe bro.


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Has anyone tried using a full synthetic 0w-30? This oil will give you better fuel mileage guaranteed
I had a hard break in, max RPM on every range of km as per manual. Using yamalube only and i got a 127km/hr topspeed. All Stock nothing is change. will try Shell advance ulta if there is any changes.