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Red Light Indicator


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Guys, recently i have a problem.. Firstly, when i put my key to on, the red light beside neutral will on, then off then will start blinking.. when i move off, at certain times its off but most of the time it stays on..

I've read my manual, it states that its either something to do with the coolant OR there is a electrical wiring problem.. Can you guys help me out? and by the way im on stock CDI but when im using my rextor, this doesnt happen..



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check the wiring bro. check also the water of the coolant. basically when the red lights on indicate of wiring failure or overheat


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will check the coolant, cant be overheat because the light is blinking even when i have not started the bike.. hmm any more opinions guys?

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same problem here since changed to bigger carb. doesnt happen with rextor but red light flashes when on stock cdi. no TPS anymore.


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the temperature indicator will not turn "ON" if loose contact,,if it turn "ON" the G/W wire(Green/white) going to CDI is grounded,..theres a lil problem on your CDI at the temp sensor side,..as u can see on the wiring diagram,..its connected from Battery-main switch-temp indicator(#42)-CDI(thru G/W wire).

I hope it will help u,..


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once u remove the tps from the carburettor the light will stay on nothing wrong with that..its normal n im using it.


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Sir..is easy to resolve that problem..
Open ur coverset carb,then plug out ur TPS sensor..take air compressor,then shot at plug TPS..Then plug in back..try..


can u check the connections of the wiring. if there is water it may lead to problem like the wiring is grounded. and also its better if u change the coolant


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reynard said:
try to check the sockets connecting the cdi, might be loose contact.
your right sir...

i expereince the same situation last sunday...

i remove all the flairings... check my coolant and radiator... then i found out that there is a loose connection going to CDI...


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Hello guys, since im a girl and i read all your conversation and still cannot understand.. so if i go to workshop.. what i said to them? roughly how much i have to prepare to settle this problem? help me.. thank you..