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Please Advice - Carb Problem

ZF Anubis

New Member
I currently own a 2nd hand Sniper MX 135. All stock but the carb was changed to 28mm when I bought the MC. Unfortunately the carb had some issues so I had to dispose and but another.

Here lies the Problem:
I bought a Keihin 26mm Flat Slide Carb and installed just yesterday. I am a newbie in terms of motorcycle mechanics so I don't know how to tune the jettings right. The closest mechanic only has limited knowledge and tried to tune it. The problem is, (a) the motorcycle backfires as it accelerate/decelerate after releasing the throttle but when the throttle is pulled even the slightest, the backfire disappears. My uncle tried to fix the A/F Mix but it still backfires.

Next, (b) while steadily holding the throttle on acceleration, the response from throttle to engine cuts, causing the motorcycle to stall as if the clutch is being held or the gas is bit by bit being fed to the carb. My mechanic has already fixed the hose and the carb is being fueled enough. Is this still because of the carb?

May I know your Jetting Combinations for this type of carb since it is brand new, I don't think the motorcycle itself is faulty. Stock bore - 50kg rider (no back ride)