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Pasig Muffler Status Report:


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Pasig Muffler Status Report:

As much as I would like to put in details of the events that transpired, I am too tired as this has been one of the longest days of my MRO work...

Let me just quote some people for now and will give a detailed report when I get the time...

Coun. Regino Balderama - "Panget yung pagiging subjective ng batas... Kailangan maayos ito kundi, kawawa ang mga rider..."

Legal Office Staff/ Legal Aid Pasig Christian Delleva - "The law has no basis and it is meant for the clean air act... And since the LTO law is more recent, it should prevail over the former law... This is statutory construction..."

Coun. Lex Santiago - "I agree that the law has no basis because it is subjective... We need to create the process and set the standard as soon as possible... Please help us make this happen..."

TPMO Operations Cheif Victor Barral - "Sinabihan ko mga tao ko na wag na munang manghuli pero sitahin nila yung maririnig na maiingay dahil butas kami dito... Ginagawa na naten ang kaukulang pag aaral at pag hahanda sa process at standard building nitong panibagong ordinansang ito... Pag na-ilatag na ito, ipapatawag ko ang MRO/MAP para gabayan kami sa pag implement at pag gamit ng bagong standard at process na ito..."

Our hearing has been moved to Thursday, April 26, 9:00 AM.

As far as what Pasig is thinking of adapting for their standard, they are looking at applying 88-90 dB @ idle and if they get a RPM meter, move it up to 95-98 dB @ 2000 RPM... The half throttle procedure has been hit with several problems as mentioned in our meeting as it hits maximum RPM's... The latest SAE standard is only measured up to 2000 - 5000 RPM's...

The city is allowed to create their own standard since the 115dB set by the LTO is from an Administrative Order... The only time any city must comply to a set standard is when it is declared by a Republic Act which MRO/MAP is also working on...

Although our hearing was side tracked, this has been a very productive day for MRO/MAP and we are looking at changing the way things are subjectively done into objectively handled...

That is it for now... Need to rest my tired and heavy head...
This courtesy of our brother in MRO Jobert Bolanos in http://www.facebook.com/groups/mcrightsorg/


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We're so blessed of the hardworking people of MRO paving way to make things proper as it should be. Seeing how things going right now, collectively we (bikers) can make a difference. May we be reminded also to be responsible.

Thanks to MRO!