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Need Help Going around


Super Veteran
I will attend World Conference on Drowning Prevention to be held in Furruma resort in Danang Vietnam on May 10 to 13, 2011.
May I ask our brothers here for assistance on Bus transportation. My friend wants to transport by bus.
We will arrive in Saigon 0040, May 10 2011 and we need to be in Furuma Resort in Danang by 1500. Another option is to take a plane from Saigon to Danang. But still we will be travelling by bus coming back from Danang to Saigon on May 14.


New Member
Im sorry cus no nobody reply u. We may not be able to pick u up in time & right location :( so busy to work.


Super Veteran
Its alright my friend
I am just wandering if someone could help me for some Information for moving around Danang.
Information like route from Danang Airpport to the Furama Resort good enough for me.
No need to pick me up...
And of course i want to meet all the t135 brothers and their sniper in the area.