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Lower your front shocks!


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kinda hard, coz everyone use silent exhaust in singapore
kenot hear wats coming :lol:

traffic law is so strict there, i cud not believe it


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khai2717 said:
not to mention certain trauma.. haha.. when i 1st ride the new shocks thru a pot hole, i tot i busted it.. hahahaha... but i got used to it now.. by slowing down when approaching a hump, or evading potholes.. next on the list, rear disk, new rims...
deacrease your tire pressure.
thats also what i observe when i got my bike straight from the dealer.
when i hit a hole, THUGGG sound occurs, what i did is i reduced the tire pressure and its ok now..


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in sg, people commonly lower their front shocks and revalve them.

dismantle the whole fork and revalve the fork according to the rider's preference... e.g. fast rebound or slow rebound...

just got mine lowered an inch as i feel the front is ABIT high... lowered for stability at the front... so far so good... heard alot of good comments about lowering fork before i went for it eventually...


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khai, you lowered your fronts and raised your back, and in addition you added the limited edition sideviews. If I wasn't so fussy I'd say your COPYING ME BRO! :D:D:D heheh just kiddin :D Yeah it looks sexy doesnt it? Take a look at my bike.


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lower suspension you mean??
more smooth??... :roll:
depends on the road surface dude..
lower shocks means shorter stroke for the shock shaft right??...
eeeek.... :?:
good things on you who don't live in Indon... here, we have to track off road everyday... even the very highway got many holes and bump surface :(

Mas Catoer

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I myself had lowered my front shock to MIO inner tube and filled it to 75 cc oil. Cut the height by 2 inches. I did it 3 weeks ago and it works. It just cost me 20 U$. Now some guys in the club is followwing me... hope they do it right..

Mas Catoer

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Just do it in an easy way.
Change to both Mio inner tubes and its springs.
It is plug and play Bro. The little work is you should add two rings before fit in upper tube cover screw.

Mas Catoer

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Preferred not to sacrifice our fork clamp unless we get better look and performance.
What makes yor interested in Nouvo's Front shock. I havent taken closer look and observe. Is it shorter Bro...? wanting to know.


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nuovo forks are same with 125z
which are probably one of the best forks fitted on the cub :lol:

T135 forks absolutely sucks, my dick gets harder than tat flimsy soft forks

Mas Catoer

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Everyone agree on that Bro. T235 front shock is horrible. Especially when we make fast n sharp turn.
Bout the length. means that it is only 1.5 inches shorter than T135. Taking Mio inner tubes gave gave me 2 inches shorter and by adding more oil it gets bit more sticky. but still nicer to ride.