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Lc135 2 Autoclutch Really Hard To Shift


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I'm having a hard time shifting from 1-2 on my bike, the gear shifting is very stiff and grinding, sometimes i have to stomp on the lever. it is a Jupiter MX 2014 model, mileage at 7000 KM.
what could be the problem?


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Bro I have the same problem .. and it's the same model
My friend drives the same model but his gearbox (Shift/Downshift) is butter smooth from the start (reading currently @ 4000 km). found out that it depends on the level of oil thickness, I change oil at every 1000km, the first few weeks are always better after a service. best way around this is to use a semi synthetic oil (Motul).
Most LC owners I know have this shifting issue though.


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Bring your mc to yamaha 3s. I think just a little adjust. Its just a lack of openning during shifting.
Unfortunately, I'm based in Maldives mate, Can you give me the specifics on what to tell the mechanic to troubleshoot regarding this issue? that would be very helpful.


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Bro kae male' tha ? Motul libeynee konthaakun ?
I haven't tried MOTUL myself, have you tried Autoparts Galore/Motorize? or you can do what I do (after every 700KM) just head to the YAMAHA Service Center and ask for Yamalube for LC135+Oil Filter and get it changed from a Garage or just from them, but don't tell them you are here to service your bike, that will include inspections and the price will go way up (their service is better in my experience) though it takes too much time.


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hehe yea i do the same but i get from auto parts , its cheaper ... then all my tuning is done by motorize. i change my oil every 1000km ... i notice when i adjust the chain the problem seems to go away and i use castol active .but i need to get a shorter chain cux im using 14/39 sprokect keke... i noitce the gears are different in rainy days and after a hard run.


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sir, this happened on my other bike, that jamming sort of in transition from 1 to 2 , every time I change oil it seems to disappear but no long. what I did is just simply re tune-up it & I found it's out of specification and after it it's gone. maybe that's one of other answers.


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i notice that too every time i change the oil , oil filter and tune up everything runs smooth again but after a hard run it comes back ... and im always riding hard so ...


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Here's the n00b friendly explanation for 1/8 turns out.

to explain further, think of it like an analog clock starting from 12:00/let's say the best setting for smooth shifting is between 12:11 to 12:15. Hope this explains.

One more example:
Just imagine that this is the top of the screw and your turning it clockwise (to the right).

| original position

/ 1/8 turn

_ 1/4 turn

\ 3/8 turn

| 1/2 turn

Credits: arceeguy/traxxas forum


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It works!

Thanks a lot man. I was going to change the whole clutch housing and everything, you saved me a lot from trouble. now the shifting is even better than my friend's SMX.


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Hello everybody!
Greetings from Greece (Europe).
I have the same problem with my T135i (that is the name of lc135 in Greece).I can't shift gears easilly and sometimes it kicks like a mule when i shift from 1st gear to the 2nd...
My Yamaha has 16.000 km at the odometer and i have bought it new at 2014.
Although i am riding at low speed my autoclutch's function is so disappointing....
I only use Yamalube 20W-50 that Yamaha suggests.
I tried so many times to adjust the clutch properly as the manual describes with no results....
Does anyone know what other problem may be the reason that i can't adjust my clutch?
I hope you can help me because service is very expensive in Greece...
Thanks a lot for your time!!!