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Icc Sticker For Helmet


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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will implement the Motorcycle Helmet Act next month with or without the help of local governments.

“We will implement the law as the main office ordered. It will be a nationwide campaign. Our enforcers will be around to watch riders,” said LTO-7 Regional Director Aguilos.

But motorcycle riders won’t be penalized immediately if they are wearing full-face helmets as required by the new law, he said.

If the helmets just lack the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) or Philippine Standard (PS) stickers, they will given a warning and advised to go to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provincial office to get the sticker.

They have until Dec. 31, 2012 to comply with this Helmet Act requirement, said Aguilos.

But those caught not wearing helmets at all or improper head gear risk a fine of P1,500 for the first offense and confiscation of their driver’s license.

Violators will pay P3,000 for the second offense.

Third-time violators will pay P5,000 and P10,000 plus their driver’s license will be confiscated for the fourth and succeeding offenses.

Starting January 1, 2013, violators will be slapped fines, Aguilos said.

The LTO-7 chief reminded helmet manufacturers to make sure that their products meet quality standards set by the DTI.

“We’d like to urge the public to follow the law since this is for everyone’s good,” said Aguilos.

He denied that the law is “anti-poor” as charged by Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama.

“If they can buy a motorcycle, how much more a helmet?” Aguillos said.

DTI Cebu provincial director Nelia Navarro agreed, saying the law will protect motorcycle-for-hire (habal-habal) drivers and their passengers.

Navarro said she plans to send a copy of the guidelines of the law to Mayor Rama.

“If they really have a problem with the law they can address it to Congress, which passed the law.

DTI is only mandated to check the helmets and accredit. They are barking at the wrong tree,” said Navarro.

Since DTI started the campaign in June 26, Navarro said over 5,000 motorists have processed their accreditation by paying the 100 processing fee and the P1.25 for the ICC sticker.

“The number of people coming to our office everyday is increasing. We are just following the law,” Navarro said.


by Martin B. Misa
Discrimination is less of a sin than Greed.
Why is it that the motorcyclist is always the object of deliverance to our country’s peace and traffic problems? As the loose firearm is the PNP’s problem in criminals on motorcycles, the Bureau of Customs’ challenge in curbing helmet smuggling has dug into the pockets of the riding Juan de la Cruz. The Helmet Law of Senator Bong Revilla says that the helmets of the riding public should have the ICC sticker from the DTI. Aside from assuring the Filipino that his helmet is not sub-standard, it is a measure that what is being sold is tax-paid.
After I had purchased a helmet bearing the ICC sticker off the rack, the helmet becomes now my personal possession. Being so, does the traffic enforcer have any business in my removing the ugly stickers from my new helmet that I polish daily? Can the Fire Department enter our houses and check if our Christmas lights have ICC stickers?
Do the math. They say that there are currently 3.4 million registered motorcycles. According to some sources, the number of unregistered motorcycles (many owned by Local Govt. Unit (LGU) employees, PNP personnel and by the deputized traffic law enforcers.) amount to 4 million. Now, assuming that only 3 million need helmets. The wholesale cost of a helmet is P250, and the retail average is P1,800. That is not considering the number of back riders yet. Please make sure that your calculator is generous with digits.
How about the owned stickerless helmets that pass the DTI standards? Do not worry, they can go to DTI and pay P100 processing fee and P1.25 sticker cost. Maybe now you can use your ordinary Casio calculator.
There are reports that the LTO is starting to apprehend the riders who disobey the helmet law. P1,500 for the first offense. P3,000 for the second. P10,000 for the third offense. Bring back that scientific calculator.
R.A. 10054 authored by Sen. Bong Revilla has to be amended. Moreover, it still has to publish to the public the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the anemic law. The damned motorcyclist has endured the discriminatory PNP check points. At least taking money from the rider is done under the table in this nightly exercise (This math is simpler… 10 riders x P200 = P2,000 a day.) The Helmet Law legalizes this outright robbery.
The rider has only one recourse. No politician who oppresses the rider will be voted in future elections. Those who will help the riders will be voted. Do the math. Rider plus back ride plus relatives plus neighbors multiplied by at least 3.4 million.


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if i knew that this will be happen in the future i will never removed the icc sticker in my helmet but its too late, and a processing fee of 100., ICC sticker is not the solution, they must also have a list of brand of helmet that are allowed and first they must stop the one who import and sell the substandard helmet...


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I have 2 helmet and they have both different ICC sticker. the 1 is HJC but no serial number on the ICC and a LS2 with serial number on ICC. Would there be a standard ICC sticker for on our helmet?


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i think the sticker and processes are FREE no fees to be collected my co-worker said. He come from DTI Makati a while ago. There is a large number of motorcyclist are getting this sticker. Maybe i let my helmet go with them to apply for sticker tomorrow if DTI permit.