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How to make your stock bore 135cc goes to 135-140kph


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sir traxxas-modifier i used sniper MX
  • kawahara k1
  • dualband cdi
  • valve spring
  • clutch spring
  • protec ignition coil car speed
  • ahm m1 shorty
  • pnp head
  • stock carb w/o air filter element just the box and w/ jettings just dont know what NACZ put in
  • stock mags front and rear
  • 14/42 combi
  • also NACZ said he removed decom pin
i just dont know my weight is around 90kgs up i think
120kph 4th gear whenever shift to 5th it suddenly die down :D
maybe my weight was just the big factor here :D
Your weight didnt affect much when u tried it, i think. Mine is 14/42 sprocket combi 415 size. Dualband. Ahm m1 aswell. Magnum ignition coil. Ngk pintip. I weigh 85kg with pillion around 45kg. reached 110kph on 4th then shift to 5th still accelerating yet slowly, still reached 140kph


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it will give more than that. estimated 150+ kph
using stock tires.

change to open pipe, if you use stock pipe
stay stock jets for AC.

hehehe 2nd gear
Sir bago lang ako.. Wala pa akong alam sa mods sir pero pa ask if pede ba bibili lang ako ng cd
How to make your stockbore runs from 135 to 140kph (philippine/indonesian specs) with GPS of 128kph

Hi all,

We all know that the 100% stock T135 can reach average speed of 115kph(gps speed of 105kph)
Some also can reach 120kph (gps of 110kph)

The goal of the YamahaT135 forum is to share knowledge on how to make the T135 bike maximized its capabilities and unleash its power!

So with the help of the forumers, I am sharing this guaranteed modification
on how to make your T135 maximize its performance on a stock 135cc bore. Thanks to you guys for sharing all the mods and tips thus i am applying this and showing the video.

This is for educational purposes shared to you.

T135 all stock topspeed
[flash width=480 height=385]

and if you want more speed, Modding T135 bike with
Specs as follows
-Stock bore 135cc (not modified)
-stock head (not modified)
-stock front tire 70/90x17
-stock rear tire 80/90x17
-stock sprocket 15/39
-stock carb VM22 (22mm) on stock airbox
-rextor cdi
-vixion valvespring
-r9 exhaust pipe
-kawahara K1 racing camshaft
-removed the decompression pin
-protec groundstrap racing coil

Test site: around 2kms stretch (plain leveled road)

Checking the Top Speed
[flash width=480 height=385]

Checking the RPM vs Every Gear Speed
[flash width=480 height=385]

The video shows that the T135 bike can reach 140kph (GPS of 128kph) or more!
The above specs is just an example and it works on our test bike.

Some other brand parts can also give same or much better power or poor power,
You just have to experiment and try and compare all of it.

You can also use sniper31's tried and tested super-hilift racing camshaft what they
called "pan-asean cam". You just have to be careful on pan-asean superhilift cam when installing.

If you want more speed
you can use other mods like bigbore kit, highflow airfilter, bigcarb 26mm or bigger,
head porting, removing base gasket, etc..

Hope that this video will help you especially the newbies and veterans
afraid of modding their beloved bike :D

Sir bago lang po ako qala akong alam sa mods need ko help nyo.. Pede ba bili alo ng cdi pero stock lang lahat.. Natatakot kasi ako baka ma damage engine ko..


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Sir i would like to ask if how much brt rcdi, vixion valve spring, kawarahara cams and clutchspring... And trusted sellers pls pm me and total the price thanks