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How to make your stock bore 135cc goes to 135-140kph


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Sir traxxs...some help here,im planing of buying a racing cdi (rextor)can u show it 2 me the pix of a original rextor racinh cdi?thanks


nice ino there sir admin...
here i want to share my setup

stock bore..54mm
stock head..
CMS valve spring and camshaft..
stock setup valve clearance in 0.10 ex 0.15
Ori Thai black racing CDI-stock cdi lookalike
stock carb...increase jettings to 115mj pj 22.5
protec groundstrap racing coil..
airbox filter just remove the paper..box still intact
nob1 3bold series exhaust..
sprocket 15-37

top speed of my lc "not too acurate" speedo=185km/h at 11k rpm
and your gas consumption? how was it then?


has anyone tried a 22-19 head on stock bore?
just what ive been thinking is Suzuki Raider 150 has 22-19 size valves
Does a Suzuki FX125 have the same size valves as a raider 150?


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yea it is 62mm but i know the raider 150 has 22/19 valves,
what my point was if the raider 150 has those valves sizes and the raider 125 has the same a 22/19 head should work well on a LC135

we have done that already my friend
22/19 valves
22mm carby

well it really works ..
and what else?


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has anyone tried a 22-19 head on stock bore?
just what ive been thinking is Suzuki Raider 150 has 22-19 size valves
Does a Suzuki FX125 have the same size valves as a raider 150?

on stock bore 22/19 better stay stock valves .. i know you do know better about bore and valve size relation


yea i know about valve size relation to bore size....I also know about restriction, i think yamaha LC135 is factory restricted, and i believe a Suzuki FX125 isn't as restricted due to Laws and regulations changing over the time. So im assuming that a Suzuki FX125 may have a 22/19 head on it. thats would probably be the reason why a suzuki FX125 is faster then a LC135 FACTORY STOCK UNMODIFIED.. because less restriction..(and i know theres obviously other reasons as well, because they are complete different bikes) but what im getting at is you unrestrict a LC135 example add a K&N,CDI, Exhaust, and a FX125 still is faster, there is a number of possibilities why this could be...Gearbox, sprocket combi, short stroke big bore vs long stroke small bore characteristics, DOHC vs SOHC characteristics,power to weight ratio's, carbs...etc etc... but im guessing Yamaha have purposely restricted the porting and valve size on the LC135...maybe for fuel efficiency purposes or emission controls who knows??

Anyway it's time for me to get out of work and enjoy my weekend, I have a 2nd hand FX125 engine at home ill see what they run factory for those who want to improve there stock bore LC135... (not me id much more enjoy around 185cc+;) ......I'm just trying to help this topic )

Now do you understand? i wasn't talking about 57mm bore im talking about stock engine capacity..
i hope you get my point i will do a little more research and strip my 2nd hand engine down for those who this could be interesting too


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its ok bro keep on doing research... thats one thing you will surely not know if you have gone from stock135cc to 185 cc.
we came a lot of sniper modification and we are unfortunately doing step by step in terms of upgrading due to availability of parts and due to lack of funds.
i just concluded that 22/19 wont do good in stock bore because we tested it personally... only thing i cant show you any dyno results because we dont have it here. highway is our best partner in terms of test , surely techs will not agree with me but for the benifit of our fellow filipino citizen here who doesnt have or any means on testing dyno.

remember fx 125 on stock condition claimed 14hp while lc 135 is having only 11hp on stock
its good point also that from you what about having it coupled with 22/19 ? well if u do that with out adding compression (shaving or watever they call)u will surely get lowcomp low power stock bore with 22/19.

remember also that lc 135 has 22mm carb while fx125 has 26mm.... maybe if our lc135 has 26mm i could try but not

now you said fx 125 stock and we should eliminate restriction on lc 135 like, cdi exhaust .. i tell u personally fx 125 will surely eat dust on our unpaved road here in mindanao.it so happen that fx 125 is quite obsolete in philipines because raider 150 is quite salelable on d market today.and one more thing even a stock r150 with 62mm bore will have same fate as fx125 if it stock. and be compared to unrestricted lc 135 .

all factory bikes where restricted.. but saying fx 125 is less restricted just make simple 14hp and 11.3hp .
dont worry im not creating chaos here lets jst make it a good conversation . its a good point from you also because nobody told it before here its just a common PM in my inbox if remember admin asked me about stock 54mm having 22/19 is good and even other forumers also asked me. that time when we tested it then i have my answer on them.thats why i rather be happy telling them not to try coz it will jst cost you some bucks. but if you can prove that 22/19 and 54mm will work well better then im gladly be happy if you can share it with us.


Today i have the proff, very happy to discover that a FX125 has the same valves as a raider 150,

rowan i read your fact's and think were you are getting them from??
i have a FX125 and a LC135 it is true that the FX125 is a lot faster then a LC135 (even after de-restriction) you are not understanding what im trying to explain, so OBVIOUSLY there will be other restrictions then on yamaha for example you say that a FX125 has 14hp and the LC135 has only 11hp, you think there is a reason for that?? back when they designed the FX125 they wouldn't have been as concerned about fuel consumption and emissions but now days you go to a country like mine and petrol is about 2usd for a liter and a car takes about 50-100 liters 100-200usd every 2 or 3 days thats a lot of money so people want to start getting fuel efficient vehicles thats what Yamaha designed a LC135.
The LC135 was not a bike that was suppose to be raced but in the Asian Countries we live in we love to modify them as Fuel and Law's are not as strict. :coffee:

So briefly what im saying is the LC135 is not suppose to be a race bike and it IS restricted.:(suzuki fx valves.JPGfx valves.JPG

de-restrict our valves and ports and then our LC135 will leave the suzuki FX in the dust:D