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How to: AIS plugging or Removal for better performance


Bro is it rhe same performance/ effect with sir traxx' mods?? Thanks...
It's defiantly not a Noticeable difference but it would a tiny little bit more powerful it is very common to do this to sport bikes and motox bikes you can even buy kits to block the AIS systems for most motox bikes, and it is much more beneficial not to have it then to have it. :D
Sir for stock engine how many rotation for the A/F mixture

Insert a the plug into the AIS, Insert it in twisting motion

Now put back the hose

Block this small tubing with electrical tape. Just enough the
hose can still be plugin and no air can pass through.

put back the hose

Heres the Final look. Looks nothing is changed.

Enjoy your POPcorn free bike :D[/quote]


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@ramon. you can insert small bearing on a small tubing to intake manifold of engine. and cut a rubber (slipper rubber) to block the big tube to airbox.


Sir trax. im using PE 28mm carb with UMA after market airfilter (cone type)...my prob is Im experiencing back fire right after I decelerate on my 3rd to 4th gear... My mechanic block my AIS too... what seems to be the problem with my setup? is it because the blockage wasnt that good enough to suppress the air from entering?


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i completely remove the AIS assy and resonator and replace with IC heat zinc from unserviceable television parts from junkshop.



sniper MX. the encircled (look closely, please :D ) tubes and parts.. is that the AIS of sniper MX? are those the tubes that are needed to be blocked? need help here. thanks. :D