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Feel safe with your padlock for your bike? better not

Mas Catoer

Super Veteran
oh God, is there any safe place so that we'll have fun without thinking of or carrying around (any) expensive helmet.

Just making choice everytime need to go around, which one should be wear.

But, accidents happens without leeting us choose which helmet to wear. hehehe....


Super Veteran
No matter how expensive helmets we wear, it wont save our life from crashing if is time to go!!!!!!!
Me just pray for good and leave to him do the rest.
I thick we are off topic lets leave that to him and shall continue with the safety of our bikes!!!!!!!!!


Super Veteran
Mine got free when i bought my second honda bike 5 years ago. Usually me wont simple throw old things just like that. Will keep it for many years, unless it is broken or stolen