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F/s Racing Or Oem Parts & Accessories For Sniper/x-1r/snipermx (online Shop) By Kr.r_sniper


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Motorcycle Parts & Accessories (OEM) ONLINE SHOP (ft. Racing Parts for LC135/Spark135/135LC/Sniper/SniperMX/X-1R/MX Jupiter/Jupiter MX)

Cash Basis Only

By Order Basis 1-2days

Payment thru BDO Bank or Any Money Transfer Services

Can ship to any part of the Philippines cia LBC/AP Cargo

GCash & Smart Money are not Accepted**

Freight/Shipping Charges excluded (Shoulder by the client)

Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Contact person Kent Rainier a.k.a Kr.R_sniper MCP/UBP/T135

Facebook account http://www.facebook.com/KR.RSNIPER

Contact # 09286144241/09151433479/09321811066

Racing Parts are no warranty at your own risk**



PM me For Orders or Inquiry...

PAYMENT thru Bank


Account Name: Kent Rainier C. Buenaventura
Account # 001490138852 "Kabayan Savings Account"

Thank you BDO you find ways.



Account Name: Kent Rainier C. Buenaventura
Account # 4359107094 "Savings Account"

Thank you BPI you make it easy.


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Vi-xion 57mm Bore kit OEM (DiaSil)

Racingboy Rearset for Sniper/SniperMX/R150

UMA By pass w/Breather hose for Honda & Yamaha MC Models (REPLACE YOUR DIPSTICK)

Faito Connecting Rod Kit (Stock size/length)

Mikuni VM26 Carburetor

Faito 4mm Block Gasket (60mm)

Faito Engine bearing set (Crankshaft & Transmission Bearing)

UMA Timing Gear Assy

Vi-xion Valve Spring (OEM)

Pro-tec Ignition Coil Car-speed Edition

Pro-tec Ultimate Ignition Coil with Ground strap

CRG Clutch spring (Stiffer Clutch Spring "Racing")

SSS Chain & Sprocket set 415size

RAD Cone type Air filter 360 degrees

IKK Clutch gear 22T-72T

R6 Tail lights 06-09 version (Diamond)

TK Valves Spring (Made in Japan)


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Faito Transmission Gear Box (Racing Tranny)

Hispeed Exhaust System stg2 (Open Specs)

TKRJ Connecting Rod set "Stock size" (Made in Japan)

Faito Plug wire (High tension wire)

Thermal Wrapped (90/meter)

Earl's Braided hose

Stainless Screw (Replacement for Fairings screw & Body bolt)

SYS 6 spring Clutch Housing (Racing)

BRT Powermax CDI

Faito Clutch Lining Thunder

UMA 62mm Chrome bore ceramic + Forged piston

Racingboy Rear Brake system

IKK stage 2 Camshaft w/high speed bearing

AHM Gold Round type series (Bolt)

Stainless Oil Filter 300php

Faito 19/22 Valve set Titanium Series

Faito Ignition Coil with ground strap Model 7400

Yoshimura Exhaust system 1st gen Full Stainless

Racingboy Fork Stabilizer V2 & V3



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CMS Stg2 Camshaft 5.8mm lift

Racingboy Cruise Balancer (Throttle Lock)

APPI Valve Springs Malaysian Cubprix Specs

LHK 19/22 Head with Raider Valves

Faito Clutch lining Swift-Z

X-1R Hub set OEM

CMS 19/22 Valve set

Fag C3 High speed Bearing (Transmission & Crankshaft)

Sniper MX Manifold

Faito Turbo Camshaft stg2

UMA High Flow oil pump

LHK Stainless Duo cap

Racingboy Alloy pedal with rubber (FOLDED)

UMA 62mm Piston Kit

KOSO TT Style Side mirror

Racingboy Monoshock

UMA Clutch spring (Racing)

R6 Tail Lights 03-06

Faito Lightweight Valve set (Stock size)

UMA Titanium Valve Retainer



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X-1R Rearset OEM

AP Quick Throttle Yamaha Model

Racingboy 8spokes Mags

Faito Mini HID Bulb (Peanut bulb replacement)

CMS 4th gear

Special Profile Stage 2 camshaft 5.8mm lift with High speed bearing (Made in Indonesia)

Kawahara K1 Stage 1 cams

Faito Gear set 1st,2nd,4th gear

Faito Clutch spring Zero

Kawahara K2 Stage 2 cams 5.8mm lift

Racingboy Handle Grip V.05

Keihin PE28 OEM Honda Thailand

YYpang Valve Springs

Customize Tappet Screw (LONG)

AHM M1 Series Standard (LONG)

AHM M1 Series GP (Short/Open Specs)


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Kinbar Disc Lock Alarm

Faito Steering Cone

Faito Top Overhaul Gasket (60mm)

Gas Tank Cover

Racingboy Single Rearset for SMX (Racing Used)

Racingboy Master Pump Assembly

Polyquad Cylinder Head for lc135 Intake 23/21 and Exhaust 18/19
Big Valve Cylinder Head for LC135 20/23