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Do you know when an upgraded T135 will be out?


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And I'm not talking about new decals...I'm talking about a whole new look and system, maybe a higher consumption? Bigger and better?
Rumour said that there will be T135 PGM-FI out soon, with throttle body and ECU like the one in VIXION, More fuel mileage but less power, I think


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serious? u really mean that frazer lookalike is comin out on market? wonder it wil hit singapore shore.haha


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Hahaha you guys got me there! :D Hey atleast I tried! But seriously, if there were ever to be a new version...maybe it could look something like the Fazer, but just with an engine consumption of 135 or maybe 150cc.

There is a pic of somebody's modified T135 that is trying to get close to a Fazer. I had reposted it on my channel at livevideos. Heres the link guys:

http://photo.livevideo.com/photo/358CB7 ... tyle-.aspx

BTW, y'all should join that site and post unlimited pictures and videos there, join my channel and join my crew.


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MioBikerBoyz said:
Ooooh....do you mean this:

COnfidential Yamaha concept news for 2008 :?
hahhaah superimpose kahkhakhahaaha :evil:

PGM-F1 only for HONDA..trademark ..maybe yamaha have their own name for fuelinjection


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Not sure about other countries, but Malaysia is always slow to get the latest in bike technology. For example the Honda Wave in Thai already equipped with FI, but here we're still stuck with carb.

How about 135 in other countries, you guys gonna have FI as well? Or u guys already have it?

I'm more concerned on FC than top speed, so anything that saves fuel is always welcome... :)


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135 is still the same in Thailand as anywhere else. Nothing upgraded to FI or PGM, but I'm pretty sure it will on the near future.

Damn, Malaysia still stuck with carb Honda Wave? The PGM series has been out for a long time here already.


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Yeah unfortunately.. and to add salt to the wound, it's being touted as “the next generation high performance four-stroke engine”... :x

People in M'sia are being duped all the time by these marketing people... Not sure why the FI models not available here... Maybe government afraid the FI models will take sales away from the local brand Modenas... Same old story like our national car... Too much protection...


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It's all politics man. Politics should not get in the way of road machines. Infact, it's got nothing to do with road machines! Look at Thailand, that ass jockey former Prime Minister "Thaksin Shittywater" banned Carlsberg beer, which IMHO is the best beer after a long ride out.

The Carslberg beer and Malaysia's motorcycle problem are all because of politics.


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actually all t135 have 5 lights

1 headlight
2 park light
2 signal light

the difference is the 2 BIG AIR HOLES below the yamaha logo
while the current t135 have smaller holes.