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Cylinder head lose thread


New Member
well here is my first post cause its my first time here in this site.
I have a crypton r and i am here in the Philippines. my problem is this, the part where the spark plug is inserted now is lose thread and i cannot insert the spark plug. what would be the best solution for this?

i have read in some other sites that i can go to the machine shop and ask to rethread the cylinder head. is this advisable? or would you guys advise to change my cylinder head instead? if so can any filipino guys out there that can tell me how much would be the cylinder head an where can i buy it here in the Philippines.

Thanks. if ever im in a wrong section feel free to remove my post mods.

X Project

Super Veteran
2 options for you...
1: Have your cylinder head rebuilt by using aluminum weld for you to use the original plug spec... I do not advise rethreading to a larger size... Make sure to follow the original angle...

2: Go to Fastlane in 10th Ave, Caloocan and buy genuine Yamaha X1/ Crypton cylinder head...