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Clone 125 of LC135


Super Veteran
the pic..is it..4 stroke engine or 2 stroke???
coz i see a 2stroke chamber pipe there...:D
but looking at the crank cover..look a lot like HONDA's EX5 engine..
hmm..hehehehe..china..gotta give em credit for breaking through the barrier of business ethics hehehe..
immitation is the sincerest form of appreciation...hehehehe..


New Member
btw.. my 1 of my supervisor rides the lexur spark 125.. looks almost identical except fot the engine casing muffler casing.. hmm.. n his bike gives a very loud pop when he close throttle thenn opens quickly everytime he does it.. he said its been like dat since he got it out of the shop..


Super Veteran
hmm i never seen any of chinese copycats for t135 here..
dont think it would sell here..coz u can get a new t135 with only about US$ 100 down payment..and about US$ 60 installment / month for 35 months n thats including insurance for the bike..
new bikes is affordable here..


Super Veteran
Thats the 4 stroker
There quite a number of this bike here by the name of Lexor. Since the LC is quite expensive here most of them go for this bikes but for vanity purpose. there are more affordable choices like Yamaha,Honda and Suzuki