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carb modification


New Member
Today opened my carb and made some modification.

if youve noticed in the carb pics above, the Holder of choke butterly.
is very big, it hinders the flow of air...

so i decided to trim it off on slanting so that the air will go up something like aerodynamic :) im messing my carb because anyway its my carb :)
whatever happens it will be my bike that will be messed up...

the result is.. :)
HEHE good response
the good result might be because of my cleaning to my carb...
or the mod i made also made some good results...
but the good thing is im satisfied..

my info here is just for educational purposes, dont blame me
if it breaks your bike...
Hello Mr traxxas-modifier,
Been some years since I last step into this great Forum Group.

This modification shared here by you, helps with the airflow.
I think at some time, you also experimented with modification of the butterfly flap at the top and bottom edge.
I've just spent 2 hours trying to find the posting for this modification but to no avail.
If you remember where it may be, could you please post the link here.
I'm hoping to modify the butterfly on my carb.
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.