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Burapa Bike Week 2007 Pattaya Thailand.


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For those who don't know...it's a charity event where motorcycle clubs and prospects from all over Thailand, even abroad sometimes, get together for a big fest like woodstock every year.

For the past 4 years or more I believe, Burapa MC has hosted the annual dance bike week and annual ride from the Pattaya Sports Stadium. Any boardies here ever been to Pattaya before? Lots of girls.

You get to see all sorts of bikes from sports, enduros, choppers and even bicycles! On display from owners of various establishments throughout Thailand.

I used to ride with the "Sattahip Big Bang MC" but they are a bunch of drunks day and night...so right now I've just my own club, the "MioBikerBoyz MC". My club is about stunting and entertainment and some racing here and there, but nothing underground. You will see my club logo on this thread.

Doesn't matter what bike you have, it's all about fun and charity.

This year should be a blast I hope and I am looking forward to going there. BTW, the annual ride is where the city opens its roads to thousands of bikers all travelling down together around the Pattaya area. The police will escort us out to the streets and everybody must give way. Very fun and lots of booze available. Last year there were about 12k people both riding and attending the annual dance. What fun.



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nice ones!
thailand choppers!

im just wondering what will T135 looks like if it will have the same
front forks just like on the first picture..


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It'll look ugly..REALLY ugly. I'm ready for this weeks activities. Got my club and bikers all ready to hit the streets of Burapa bike week 2007.

MioBikerBoyz MC