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big coolant leak inside engine


New Member
hello guys i got an lc 135 v1 with x1r 65mm cylinder , uma racing 65mm piston and ikk + 8 crankshaft and i just got a super head 25/22

So the story is i had a x1r 65mm piston and cylinder then after some time x1r piston rings stuck together from overheat ( lots of compression) and bike lost compression so i open it to replace the piston with the uma then i bought the super head to install everything together so after i started the bike without the radiator on bike started but idle was very high with closed throttle and it was bouncing from 3000 rpm to 4000 rpm and back.I though it was from mixture and i had to remap my ecu so i proceed to install the radiator.When i started to fill the radiator with coolant i saw the coolant disappearing very very fast i used like 3 liters of fluids and everything lost.I tried another gasket but same problem i use also a wrench at 22 newton meter.Im thinking to try a new cylinder.Maybe x1r cylinder surface is damaged and gasket its not sitting correct??


Super Veteran
were you the one's who installed it paps? if not warped head probably needs a head re-torque. since you have a higher cc torque it higher.