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Beware Of This Scammer


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those who also log in to facebook. beware of NASIHINNUR BIN ISMAIL AKA RED EYE AKA MUNAT of 2538-1,km14, paya dalam, 75460 Melaka, Malaysia. i was scammed just recently of lc135 custom parts worth RM1400. his gf effi rahim also fooled me into believing parts were sent...BEWARE!!! one of his victim is lie siau long of indonesia.

RED EYE AKA NASIHINNUR BIN ISMAIL AKA MUNAT is the guy on the left, his girlfriend effi rahim is the one wearing brown.

fake invoice.

traced and no such record.

Dear Jose,
Kindly be informed that the said item was not posted out by this customer until today..all our system shown nothing been sent.
Therefore we kindly seek you to liaise back with the sender to find out when was the item posted?..
It might even be, they just scan the con note to you but physically the item not posted out at all…
checking thru the con note looks very fraud..the weight if 1.4 kilo for our EMS rate postage only RM 92.30
it will not come up to RM 161.00.

Therefore pls liaise with the sender.

thank you.

kind regards,
Catherine Young


fake invoice showed to lie siau long uploaded via facebook. note the erasures and use of pencil.

Thnks for the info,. Actually all order will takes atleast 2weeks.. Be patient.. We might be late, but we do not cheat customers.. I know this is your 1st exp dealing thru internet... But trust me..! U still have a time to wait for u parts, dun worry...! If u are still not received in 2weeks, pls updates and let we know... Atleast we can refer to our courier.. Thanks.. Btw, i'm in k.l now.. Once i'm coming back to workshop, i will updates about your pending parts..

a message sent to me by his gf effi rahim. con move to continue to trust.