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the PURPOSE of this topic is to help and INFORm others the best value , BANG for buck deal in the market now

i just bought a 32" LG LCD TV, for P20,000, w/ free wall mount
so far im very satisfied, tried using POPCORN HOUR(HDD) w/ the LCD,
and BANNNNG GANDA ng resolution @ 1080, ok din sya sa 720 res.

LG LCD TV 32" (32LD310 new 2010 model)

Video Screen Size 32"
Resolution 1366 x 768
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1
Smart Energy Saving
AV Mode
Invisible Speakers
Clear Voice II
Hard Panel Screen



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mura na yan sobra for lg and from my experience ganda naman po lg d po naman kayo mgsisisi imho ang po


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shakarl said:
mura na yan sobra for lg and from my experience ganda naman po lg d po naman kayo mgsisisi imho ang po
oo nga sir P21,000 yung nasa adds nya, nagulat ako P20,000 lang yung nasa reciept, discounted daw yung na purchase ko

@ BOSS_MAN, nag accept sila ng CREDIT CARD, pero may conditions yata, contact mo na lang REMSALES

eto yung nasa sulit link


(Yes po, pwede credit card. If nakalink ang card mo sa paypal, we can only accept credit card payment via paypal kasi. Straight charge only plus 3.4% service fee.



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nice buy are...bigtime ka talaga...sara manood ng horse race nyan...hahaha

BTW...like the thread description...lol


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Ganda...dream ko din mag upgrade ng LCD or LED...kaso no need na eh...im up to somewhere else next year.... :cry: :cry:


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BOSS_JAY316 said:
COD lang ba to sir BOSS_JAY?
COD BOSS_MAN, order ako ng tanghali, 12:00 noon, dumating yung item ng 7:00 pm

sa SM appliance store P26,900 price nya
pwede Credit Card?
much better if card gamitin mo, para if magkaroon ng problema sa unit, at pinabayaan ka ng supplier, pwede mo i stop payment...

if may BDO ka, ican help you...

karamihan kasi maka benta lang, lahat ng sales talk gagamitin sayo...

check reviews on the net...

eto mga dapat mo alamin for comparison...

Native Pixel Resolution
LCD flat panel sets have a fixed number of pixels on the screen surface. The key is to get as high a native pixel count as possible. Most LCD TVs 23-inches and up in screen size offer at least a 1280x720 (720p) or 1366x768 (768p) native pixel resolution. These are the minimum pixel counts you should look for in an LCD television.
In addition, most larger screen LCD TVs (especially those 40-inches and larger) now offer 1920x1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution, which is even more desirable, especially if you have, or plan to purchase a Blu-ray Disc player.


Scaling is a process where a television's video processor will match the resolution of the incoming signal to its native pixel resolution. This means that lower resolution signals will be upscaled, but the processor will downscale higher resolution signals so that they can be displayed at the TVs native resolution.
Poor scaling can result in artifacts, such as jagged edges and inconsistent detail. It must also be noted that results also depend on the quality of the incoming signal.

Motion Response Time

The ability for an LCD TV to display fast moving objects has, in the past, been a weakness of LCD technology. However, this has improved dramatically. This does not mean that all LCD TVs are created equal in this area.
Check the specifications for Motion Response Time (ms = milliseconds). A good LCD TV now should have a Response Time of either 8ms or 4ms, with 4ms being optimum, especially if you watch lots of sports or action films. Be wary of LCD TVs that do not list their motion response time.

Another factor that can add support to response time is Screen Refresh Rate

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio, or the degree of variation of the whitest and darkest parts of the image, is a very important factor to note. If the LCD TV has a low contrast ratio, dark images will look muddy and gray, while light images will look washed out.
Also, don't get seduced by Contrast Ratio marketing hype. When checking contrast ratio numbers, look for Native, Static, or ANSI contrast, not Dynamic or Full On/Full Off contrast. ANSI contrast represents the difference between black and white when both are on the screen at the same time. Dynamic or Full ON/OFF contrast only measures black by itself and white by itself.


Without sufficient brightness your image will look muddy and soft, even in a dark room. Viewing distance, screen size, and ambient room light will affect the need for more brightness capability.
A brightness rating listed as 550 cd/m2 or higher is good, however, don't get bogged down with the technical number listed, just make sure the screen is bright enough for your needs upon your own visual inspection.

Viewing Angle

Make sure you can view the image on the LCD TV from the sides as well as the from the prime viewing area. LCD TVs typically have a good side-to-side viewing angle, with many going as wide as 160 Degrees, or about 80 degrees from the center viewing spot.
If you find that the image begins to fade or becomes unviewable within 45 degrees from either side of the center viewing spot, then it may not be a good choice where you have a large group of viewers sitting in different parts of the room.


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hope this helps... =)

2010 LG TV ModelsGenerally, the following LG model number series start with the most premium products and go down to the least expensive - the lower the model number the less features and price.

LG LE8500 Series
New 2010 Models In Stock

See ReviewThe LE8500 series from LG doesn't have the ultra thin 8.5mm bezel of the LE9500 or the 480Hz processing but it does have all the other features such as local dimming TruLED technology and wireless HD capability.
LG 55LE8500, LG 47LE8500

LG LE5500 Series

See ReviewThe new for 2010 LE5500 series from LG brings local dimming LED backlighting to smaller sized TVs. The TruLED technology will enhance the performance of the 1080p LCD panel and LG's Picture Wizard will walk you through setting it up for optimum performance.
LG 55LE5500, LG 47LE5500, LG 42LE5500, LG 26LE5500, LG 22LE5500

LG LE5400 Series

LG's LE5400 offers LED backlighting but without the local dimming TruLED technology of the upper tiers of LG's new Infinia line up. The LE5400 series ar 1080p panels with LG's TruMotion 120Hz picture processing.
LG 60LE5400, LG 55LE5400, LG 47LE5400, LG 42LE5400, LG 32LE5400

LG LE5300 Series

LG brings the slim profile, energy efficiency and better picture performance of LED edge lighting to smaller screen sizes with the LE5300 line of LED TVs. The 37 and 32 inch sizes are full HD 1080p panels that feature LG's TruMotion 120Hz.
LG 37LE5300, LG 32LE5300, LG 26LE5300, LG 22LE5300, LG 19LE5300

LG LD550 Series

The LD550 series LCDs use a traditional CFL backlight and offer many of the features of the new LED TVs at a lower price. The series features a 1080p panel that uses LG's TruMotion 120Hz to control motion blur.
LG 60LD550, LG 52LD550, LG 46LD550, LG 42LD550, LG 32LD550

LG LD520 Series

The LD520 series offers a line of 1080p CFL backlit LCDs with TruMotion 120Hz frame rate conversion.
LG 55LD520, LG 47LD520, LG 42LD520, LG 32LD520

LG SL90 Series

A high end, ultra thin LED backlit panel is the centerpiece of the SL90 series from LG. The same single piece galss bezel found in the SL80 series but the LED lighting makes for an even slimmer TV. The panel itself is 1080p with LG's 120Hz TruMotion processing and a claimed 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio.
LG 42SL90, LG 47SL90

LG SL80 Series

A new ultra thin LCD series from LG, the SL80 series is a 240Hz, 1080p panel in a very attractive single peice, glass bezel.
LG 42SL80, LG 47SL80, LG 55SL80

LG LE9500 Series

LG's flagship Infinia LE9500 series are all picture with a barely there 8.5 mm bezel surrounding the LED backlit panel that features LG's TruLED local dimming technology. The LE9500 series is also the first 3D ready line of televisions from LG and is THX certified as well.
LG 55LE9500, LG 47LE9500

LG LE7500 Series

For 2010 LG brings us the local dimming LED backlit LE7500 series. LG's TruLED local dimming technology will improve contrast and color performance when compared to traditionally backlit LCDs or edge lit LED televisions.
LG 55LE7500, LG 47LE7500, LG 42LE7500

LG LD650 Series

The LD650 series represents the highest end line of tradtional CFL backlit LCDs for 2010 from LG. The series features a 1080p panel that uses LG's TruMotion 240Hz to control motion blur.
LG 55LD650, LG 47LD650

2009 LG TV ModelsLG LH90 Series

The LH90 series is a line of high end LED backlit LCDs from LG for 2009. These TVs are 1080p panels that boast 240Hz TruMotion processing and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.
LG LH90 Series : LG 55LH90, LG 47LH90, LG 42LH90

LG LH85 Series

For 2009, LG introduces the LH85 series of LCDs. These 1080p, 120Hz LCDs offer wireless capability and a separate media box. 24p Real Cinema processing will make movie night better and 4 HDMI inputs give you plenty of options for plugging in your video sources.
LG LH85 Series : LG 55LH85, LG 47LH85

LG LH55 Series

See ReviewThe 2009 LH55 series LCDs from LG offer 1080p resolution, LG's TruMotion 240Hz processing, 5ms response times and a 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Other features indlude LG's Intelligent Sensor room light sensing technology, 24p film playback and 4 HDMI inputs.
LG LH55 Series : LG 55LH55, LG 47LH55 Editor's Choice, LG 42LH55 Editor's Choice, LG 37LH55 Editor's Choice

LG LH50 Series

See ReviewThe LH50 series from LG are the only LCDs that will allow you to stream Netflix movies directly into your TV without the need for outboard hardware. The internet connectivity will also allow access to YouTube video, images from Flickr and Yahoo! widgets which offer real time news, weather, sports scores and stock tickers.
LG LH50 Series : LG 47LH50, LG 42LH50

LG LH40 Series

The LH40 series LCDs from LG feature a sleek design and an invisible speaker system. These 1080p, 120Hz panels will feature LG's 24p 5:5 pulldown film processing and 3 HDMI inputs.
LG LH40 Series : LG 55LH40 Recommended, LG 47LH40, LG 42LH40, LG 37LH40 Recommended, LG 32LH40

LG LH30 Series

The LH30 series is another line of LCDs from LG for 2009. It is a 1080p panel with 24p (2:2 pulldown) film processing but doesn't include the 120Hz dejudder processing of some of the more expensive models. We expect that this line of LCDs will offer a 1080p panel in larger sizes at a good price point.
LG LH30 Series : LG 47LH30, LG 42LH30, LG 37LH30, LG 32LH30 Editor's Choice

LG LH20 Series

An entry level line of LCDs for 2009 the LH20 series from LG are six 720p HDTVs ranging in size from 19 to 42 inches. They feature a 12,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and an 8ms response time. There are two HDMI inputs for your high definition video sources and LG's SimpLink technology for connecting compatible cameras and camcorders.

LG LH20 Series : LG 42LH20, LG 37LH20, LG 32LH20, LG 26LH20 Editor's Choice, LG 22LH20 Editor's Choice, LG 19LH20 Editor's Choice

LG LHX Series

The LHX series is less than one inch deep. Apparently this model will come with an accompanying set top box which houses the units processing boards. The 2009 CES honoree continues the ultra thin tradition of the LG 47LGX from the end of 2008. The 120Hz processing included on the previous model is still present but is presented in the form 240Hz TruMotion – which is based on a technology that gives you an eective 240Hz, but not a factual 240Hz.


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best buy talaga LG halos lahat ng employee dito sa amin yan ang brand na nabili,,pare pareho pang model ..anyway kung gusto nyu mura na branded merun pang SANYO 42 inches 1080dpi FULL HD at 34,000 plus i dont know kung merun pa that was 3 weeks ago sa sm The Block


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marcusfilter said:
Ganda...dream ko din mag upgrade ng LCD or LED...kaso no need na eh...im up to somewhere else next year.... :cry: :cry:
parang alam ko kung saan yun ah :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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lospeeder said:
ty sir ill check^^
sir naka kuha ka na ba ng price list, pwede paki POST na lang dito,
yung nakuha ko kasi last month pa (kay SATCHEL)
kaka hiya mag request sa kanya, di ako kumuha ng item
sa rem sales ako nakakuha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: