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Beginner seeking for advice


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hey fren!! so u did join the forum, haha... good luck in ur mods n hope u'll b able to shift somewhere nearer to my place so i can c 'my project bike' =)


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u can get BRT like i said or Rextor from Traxxas... both oso good... but the Rextor tat Traxxas carries i dun think will b suitable for lagenda 110 unless our Traxxas can get hands on tat for u s well =) exhaust can get yy pang like i said oso or u can have custom exhaust from Philippines or Indonesia like 4n exhaust or any other well known performance brand but tat is if they have a specific model for lagenda 110 oso

Mas Catoer

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Well Mods is "a keep changing thing"

Depends on what we are oriented for the time being.
Just look at traxx' bike hehe
It never stay in one state for long time.
Keep thinking of changing one to another stuff.
Get bored when seeing the bike have no more mods.

That is why we love modification. just follow the wallet and the guts to buy, right? he he he :) :)

My Tips. start thinking of s'thing about the bike once you get the cash on hand.


For the pipe, I better like the sound and the style of NOB1 from Mr.Haen