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Anyone With Idea Share (tik Tak Sound On Right Side Engine)

Abbie S Hir

New Member
Remove the right crankscase sir and change the clutch releasing bearing if you are H/C..my mekanik told that to me so we change it and boom the tik tak sound gone!!!


Hi there papz...what did you do to your clutch carrier? My motmot also have that kind of annoying sound...pa help mga papi...tnx


Same with my experienced to my Sniper AC, caused of the noise was the worn out pad in clutch carrier assy #9 in the picture above, just replaced and the tiktak sound was gone.


New Member
Small bearing in ur clutch lining..the price is 80pesos..that is also the problem of my sniper. Before ..


Super Veteran
replace no.9 and no. 3. In 3S yzone ortigas the #9 clutch carrier is P2,780and the no.3 clutch compression is P1,742.


New Member
anybody here change their clutch BUSH the ( spacer 1 ) its this parts maybe part of kalampag noise ,