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All in one motorcycle performance tool


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check this out

SEEE video is here
[video width=400 height=350]http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=5717139089126494029[/video]

which can also do the ff

Features Veypor VR2
Full Instrumentation
Portable Dynamometer with plots
Full and Pro Tree 1/4 Mile Runs
0-60Mph and Braking Test Timing
Roll-on timing for any speeds
Graph results for all Runs
Save up to 8 runs
Calculate Fuel Mileage and fuel level
Separate Fuel Odometer
Odometer and Resettable Tripmeter
Metric or Imperial units
Two maintenance hour meters
Gear Indicator
Lap Timer and Course Analyzer
Store 4 separate vehicle setups
Super bright dual-level shiftlight
Programmable speed light
Download all Run data to a PC
Drag Coefficient Calculation
Rolling Resistance Calculation
Full-time datalogging for up to 24h
Programmable sampling rate
View all logging sessions on a PC
Time and Date with battery backup

This is perfect for performance tuning and at the same time all in one panel meter for our Yamaha T135.
i am planning to buy one but looking for ways to save shipping cost.

cost is around USD$300 but worth measuring your mileage and tachometer and speedometer
plus you have a portable dyno :)

for more info


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This toy is suitable for those who ride motoGP or around the track on a regular basis. Road riding too bumpy for this toy to work :)


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yes i will wangyo.
im excited installing it in my bike.

its a useful tool for me since i travel a lot.
(also my future wife will not allow me to buy that expensive, so its better to spend while im still single :) )