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About Our Icc Sticker And Our Rights As Mc Riders

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DTI monitors market to enforce standards on motorcycle helmets

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) ended its inspection and sticker marking activities on motorcycle helmets last December 29, 2012.

The five-month extension accorded to helmet owners for inspection and sticker marking is over and we thank the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) for deferring the implementation of the Republic Act 10054 (Motorcycle Helmet Act) from August 01, 2012 to January 02, 2013,” DTI-Consumer Welfare and Business Regulation Group (CWBRG) Undersecretary Zenaida C. Maglaya asserted.

In fact, the LTO has started their roadside inspection of riders and passengers last January 02, 2013, on their motorcycle helmets that should bear either the Philippine Standard (PS) or the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark,” Undersecretary Maglaya added.

To assist in the implementation of the Motorcycle Helmet Act that was set in July 2012, the DTI began the inspection and sticker marking program on motorcycle helmets of motorcycle riders and their passengers in June 2012. The implementation of the Act in July was delayed when the LTO and DTI saw the need to extend the inspection and sticker marking program on motorcycle helmets.

It was necessary then to reach out to more motorcycle riders and assist them in complying with the Motorcycle Helmet Act. We coordinated with other government offices, local government units (LGUs), private companies and malls to make the inspection more accessible and easier for them; and we utilized different forms of media to get the information across to as many motorcycle riders as we can,” Undersecretary Maglaya explained.

The DTI’s regional and provincial offices generated almost 1.6M registrations/ applications from motorcycle owners, riders and passengers and from motorcycle helmet manufacturers and importers on their six-month operations of inspection and sticker marking activities.

The DTI admits that there is a clamor to extend the inspection and sticker marking program, yet, “the DTI will conform with LTO’s timetable to fully implement the Motorcycle Helmet Act, thus, another extension was not even discussed. Instead, the DTI will focus on its monitoring and enforcement activities on manufacturers, importers, retailers and establishments that are distributing and selling motorcycle helmets to ensure that only those motorcycle helmets with the PS or ICC mark are available in the market,” Undersecretary Maglaya clarified.

Under the DTI-Bureau of Product Standards’ (BPS) product certification scheme, all manufacturers and importers of motorcycle helmets are required to secure the PS license and the ICC certificate, respectively, prior to the distribution and sale of their products in the market. The DTI-BPS approves and disapproves the applications according to the requirements of inspections and tests set in the Philippine National Standard/ United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (PNS/UN ECE) 22:2007. To date, the DTI-BPS has issued the PS license to two (2) manufacturers and the ICC certificate to 48 importers.

To verify that the manufacturers and importers issued the licenses and certificates appropriately use the stickers on their motorcycle helmets to guide the consumers, the DTI’s regional and provincial offices monitor the market.

Simultaneous with LTO’s roadside inspection, the DTI strengthens its market activities to keep a keen watch on the establishments, importers and manufacturers,” Undersecretary Maglaya said.

We are now in constant communication with the LTO for the proper implementation of roadside inspection. The DTI has issued the enforcement guidelines on motorcycle helmets to its regional and provincial offices to assist them in their monitoring and enforcement activities in their areas and to LTO to guide them in their roadside inspection of helmets of the motorcycle riders and their passengers,” DTI-BPS Director-in-Charge Atty. Pedro Vicente C. Mendoza said.

In the guidelines, the DTI specified that the LTO and its deputized agents shall check if the motorcycle helmet has either the PS or ICC mark. The LTO need not look for any document from the motorcycle rider that will validate the PS or ICC sticker on his/ her helmet.

It is the DTI’s task to authenticate the PS or ICC mark on the motorcycle helmet thus, it is unnecessary for a motorcycle rider to show his/ her application documents for his/ her helmet’s inspection and sticker marking. A rider can report to DTI an enforcer who will insist that a document is a requirement in the roadside inspection,” Atty Mendoza points out.

According to the Motorcycle Helmet Act, the LTO is responsible for the roadside inspection of standard protective motorcycle helmets that bear the PS or ICC marks.

To protect their interests as motorcycle riders and their passengers, consumers can check the identification cards of the LTO and their deputized agents prior to the roadside inspection of their helmets. In this way, they are certain that these agents are authorized to conduct such activities,” Atty. Mendoza adds.

Reference : http://dti.gov.ph/dti/index.php?p=154&type=2&sec=5&aid=959