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yamaha lc 135

  1. F

    Lc135 62mm Racing Block

    Just asking for opinions from you guys. I currently now using lc135 standard block. Im thinking to upgrade it to 62mm. But the issue is which brand is actually good and dont burn a whole in my pocket which can withstand a long period of usage without giving a headache ? Maybe Espada ? Cms ...
  2. F

    Perlu Setting Carburetor Kalau Tukar Cdi ?

    Saya ingin bertanya. Saya sudah tukar cdi lc135 4s saya dari cdi ori thailand (oren) kepada cdi mb performance 5th edition. Bila tukar, ada time bila saya pecut at low-mid rpm pulas throttle dalam 2/5, moto saya semput sekejap tapi then kembali normal. Benda ni berlaku jugak time saya dalam gear...
  3. Piju

    Using Non Supported Cdi On Tps Installed Carburetor

    Guys, as for discussion, could you tell me what is the advantages or dis-advantages if using non supported CDI on TPS installed carburetor such as Mikuni BS25 ? I am planning to buy BRT dualband type TR as replacement for stock CDI for my Yamaha LC ES 4 speed (year 2013). As far as I know, this...