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  1. N

    Bore 62mm And 65mm Upgrades

    :help:Newbie questions here::help: What are the mandatory upgrades when upgrading to an aftermarket bore? -62mm Uma/ other brands? -65mm Uma? -Does it require any type of superhead from Uma Racing to go with their bores? Thanks for the expert recommendations and answers! ;)
  2. F

    Lc135 62mm Racing Block

    Just asking for opinions from you guys. I currently now using lc135 standard block. Im thinking to upgrade it to 62mm. But the issue is which brand is actually good and dont burn a whole in my pocket which can withstand a long period of usage without giving a headache ? Maybe Espada ? Cms ...
  3. aydy

    Manual: Uma Racing S.spec Digital Speedometer Lc135 V2

    Hi all, I have uploaded complete manual for the UMA Digital meter. This is the refresh lineup from UMA racing. Here's hoping the backlight won't go bad due to being exposed to sunlight for long hours. cheers!