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    Setting Carb n Jetting

    Block 60mm + SV + Porting + intake X1R Carb UMA 28mm Mj 120/Pj 35/Jarum takuk atas skali Plug perang cantik.. untuk highway.. :) Block UMA 62mm + SV + porting + intake X1R Carb UMA 32mm Mj 120/Pj 38/Jarum takuk atas skali tak check plug lagi,moto tgh pantang..hahaha :D Block 63mm + SV +...
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    21t 4th Gear Question..

    hi there.. i've been using this 21T for 2years.. im the kind who addicted to topspeed(highway) and my review is,if you want a better acceleration at your 4th gear,then i'll suggest you to use this 21T gear.. BUT if you are the kind who want a REALLY REALLY top speed.. than better you stick...