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    F/S K&N filter (2nd hand)

    2months seldom used w/ box, warranty card, manual bought from jackarious of taiwan last febuary P2,500 w/ shipping (fixed) contact # 09286362259 RFS: got r-carb, tanggal airbox need cone-type airfilter.
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    ACE Racing T135 Superparts Thailand.

    jojo_ldc760@yahoo.com please send me a catalogue. tnx bro
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    Rear Hugger

    hey bro mio, you've got pm from mine.
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    oil drain plug

    hello bro. I already emailed the Norkis Cebu. They quoated me P56.00 for the plug only. they give me a telephone number if there are availability of parts, as soon as posible i will try to contact them. tnx.. by the way, thanks for the sticker posted by Norkis at my motorcycle so that i been...
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    oil drain plug

    any one can buy me a oil drain plug? pm me for the price including the shipping. for my fellow yamaha t135 owner, thank you very much. your sincerity is much appreciated!
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    Sprocket combinations.

    i reached 120 at flat road, in 16T at front and 39 at rear. all stock, except the kitti pipe.
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    For Sale: Oil filter for Sniper (yamaha brand)

    it include shipping for 400pesos. im from mindanao how about oil drain plug?
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    stock coil

    XP have dual socket already? one for ignition and the other one is for fan?