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    I will go for tuning first failing which then can go for exhaust change. Any way any recommended exhaust for my setup
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    i was thinking the same to bring to mechanic but still have no time. Anyway tq
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    Using FZI 150 block, cam shaft and spring using aftermarket but not sure of lift duration. Pipe standard
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    Hi there i have installed the UMA 28mm and having slight tuning problem on the low speed. On the Odometer when i accelerate 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear up to 80Km/hr in between there is bogging, but once above 100km/hr it is ok. What could be the problem. Is it required fine tuning
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    Con Rod bearing failure

    it is in break in period now and since the overhaul is done i took the opportunity to change valve spring, cam and 150FZI block
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    Con Rod bearing failure

    The mechanic has fixed it , a new conrod, bearing others has to be changed which has cost me a bump, Also the mechanic has modified the new conrod installed by widening the oil hole for enhance lubricant
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    Con Rod bearing failure

    Who has exprience bearing conrod failure, i had on mine cost me to overhaul the engine. The mechanic told me the oil hole for the conrod is small thus oil was not properly lubricate the bearing causing to fail This has caused the block wall scratched
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    150cc DIASIL, 178 cc and 188 cc SPECIAL BOREUP KITS

    Haen - Please PM the price. TQ
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    Thermotec Exhaust wrap

    So whats the purpose of wraping it? Avoiding from heat
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    Hi beam blow, low bean working

    you want the orginal which will more expensive go to yamaha dealer or spare parts shops. If can use the not original parts then go with motorbike spare part shops
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    Gear frees during ride

    after that incident have not problem till now. did request mechanic to adjust the screw at gear knob. appreciate you're advise to
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    Hi beam blow, low bean working

    I had this problem in my old bike and after changing the rectifier the problem solved. Perhaps this will help
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    aftermarket CDI

    Get the wiring diagram of FI CDI forv easy reference. It has lots of pin/connector
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    aftermarket CDI

    That where if you are using the programable CDI not to adjust to advance to gain pick up. It will harm the engine as is you are still using all parts
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    horn wiring

    or you can connect to bike body which serve the same purpose
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    valuable info bro stroker. It'll pull well in the top-end, but not-so-great a bottom-end - could you please elaborate what this means?
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    piston and block

    Use anti-carbon to clean the deposits
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    semi sintetic or fully sintetic or non sintetic

    Me prefer the sikolene semi synt, but now using agip semi. Use semi or fully preferable not mineral type
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    [Tips] Spark plug iridium from Denso and others

    If the iridium used with racing coil and cdi full power will be exploited. Strong spark will be generated
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    welcome to the world baby cache

    Congratulation bro traxxas and new born baby. Life will change with a new comer and take care.