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    mud covers....

    Oh my god thats ugly as hell!!!! He should't left it in its original blue, it looked slick then. That vomit pink color is just sick! But I like his idea about the nouvo lights, how did he do it? Just cut and fit it on the T135 front cover or used a whole Nouve front cover?
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    helmets helmets helmets

    When go to the market, just wear those $3 helmets instead of your $100 dollar helmet.
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    AHM or Endurance

    My DBS has glasswool, extra padding. But if you remove it, it reduces the sound??
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    Does anybody take orders??

    Rudduan...hows ur bike?
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    (help!!) help with design

    Do they make flame decals? Biker Boy yellow maybe? Something without all those brand names on them?? Thanks.
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    AHM or Endurance

    Nothing beats DBS for sure. Go Thailand GO GO GO!
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    helmets helmets helmets

    I got 5: 1: SHOEI X11 gloss black super thick padding washable 5 air ducts, 2: INDEX something blue biker boyz air brushed 4 air ducts non washable, sucks 3: Brain bucket with chrome lens goggles, army yellow, black and gray air brushed. 4: INDEX full carbon kevlar. 5: DUREX super soft...
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    Survey for T135 Members.

    looks like we gonna be gettin more "trash" posts again guys, get ready to run...ooooooooooh!
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    mud covers....

    Got any more pics to show off ur mud covers?
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    ACE Racing T135 Superparts Thailand.

    FYI, my new account (miobikerboys) has been screwed up. So kindly PM me through this account (miobikerboyz) from now on, thanks everybody.
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    is goff the only person with online Sniper accessories for sale or are there other competition around? Coz it looks like goff is beating out the competition with all these cool parts.
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    Sprocket combinations.

    wooh wooh naije, easy with the question marks bro....gotta relax a bit hehehe. I think FTD is using 15t. Am I right FTD?
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    MAGS(enkei or yamaha)

    I remembered a thread here about a bigger rim setup, something from yamah TZM or TZR...anybody know the weight of those rims compared to the stock T135 mags? Whats the differential?
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    Thailands copy of Kawasaki KSR

    Ever heard of Tiger? It's a Thai made motorcycle company, their bikes are very cheap but quality wise are very low in standard...but it's a good step in the vehicle industry for Thailand, good job! This bike is called Rocket Boy from Tiger...what a name hehehehe.
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    Keep on topics please :)

    I couldn't log on for a week, but kept trying everyday coz I am commited to T135 and can't stay away from this place...this website is my drug.
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    the X1-R in singapore...

    I just found out that X1R in Thailand is only hand clutch available. Good foot stay system like the new Indo T135 model. No semi autos here in Thailand.
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    AHM or Endurance

    Found some really cool parts for our bikes, custom made though from Thailand with liscence from Japan: Carbon Fiber Yoshimura for T135: Alloy thing silencer tailpipe frmo Yoshimura for T135: Alloy ultra light racing swing arm with open rear shock locks, no cover like the stock swing...
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    If you have USD500

    I would get the TZM rims and alloy TZM swing arm plus rear disk set. Get some big tires and upside down front shocks with dbl front disks Tokico or Brembo brand. Hypermax fenders front and rear. Should be about 500 bucks I think :D
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    picture of inside of stock exhaust pipe?

    It looks really complicated inside the pipe, seen it on the wall at the dealership...what a sophisticated system its got.
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    spark rx135i

    Hikaru-San, where are you bro??