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  1. rpacia

    L/F 2nd Hand Head Assy - Racingboy Rearset

    X1R Head Assy Ung complete po or Sniper Ung complete po Racingboy Rearset Kahit anong version po My Digit: 09063775883 Location: Bulacan
  2. rpacia

    L/F Sprocket Combi Set - 15-42 420T or 428T

    L/F: Headlight Assy. PM me your price. Already bought 1 headlight assembly from Marquee. Thanks Papi sa meet-up kanina.
  3. rpacia

    F/S Racing Boy 8 Spokes Mags - SOLD to Nicolopaolo

    Size: 1.8 Front - 2.15 Rear x 17" Price: 3.5k (slightly Negotiable) RFS: Upgrade to RB 18 Spokes Mags PM or Txt for interested parties 09063775883 Actual picture below: Note: What you see what you get. Not reardisk ready, however we did put holes that fit a standard HUB for disk break
  4. rpacia

    Yamaha T135 T-Shirt Order List

    Php 280.00 Okay ganto, per chapter there's 1 rep na magcollect. Sa EB ibibigay ang payment. Same for those na malalayo na chapter. Representative will PM me for my complete address or account# where they can send the money. Kung isesend back naman na ang mga finish shirt cguro pag...
  5. rpacia

    Rear Disk System

    Looking for: Please let me know the cost. TIA
  6. rpacia

    Yamaha T135 BULACAN Chapter Part IV

    Good evening BULACAN!!!! This Chapter is growing fast. please see link below for those who want to backread PART I-II-and III. http://www.yamahat135.com/forum/viewtop ... &start=980
  7. rpacia

    F/S 4N Pipe

    Forsale 4N pipe (big elbow) RFS: Nahuli na naman ako sa The Fort (5th time) Open Pipe violation Note: Ung CF sticker was removed, kaka buff lang para malinis. ***** S O L D *****
  8. rpacia

    Alloy Rim

    Question: May available po bang malapad na alloy rim sa market? Ang target ko po it's either Racingboy 01-AR36H-RD or 01-AR36H-BK. Let me know naman po yung pinakamalapad na Alloy Rim na alam nyo kahit nde Racingboy. TIA 8)
  9. rpacia

    F/T - X1R Body Kit

    Your Sniper Body Kit (Below model) + 15k --------- TO --------- ***Please note that wiring is included*** You may post your offer, pm me you demands, or even txt me at 09063775883. (reply will be send 11am onwards)
  10. rpacia

    L/F: Stock Monoshock

    Looking for Stock Monoshock for Sniper. PM me your price, you may txt me at 09063775883 as well. TIA 8)
  11. rpacia

    Unfinish Orange RB Project

    ETA in completing the Project is 1st Quarter 2011. 8)
  12. rpacia

    F/S DBS Pipe

    Item: DBS Pipe (Big Elbow) RFS: Bawal na sa Global City - Probably Upgrade (either of the 2) (willing pa ring makipag-patentero sa mga nanghuhuLi :lol: ) Condition: Very Good Price: 1.5k sagad na Location: Bulacan Contact: 09063775883
  13. rpacia

    Bulacan T135 goes to Zambales

    What: Zambales Ride When: November 14, 2010 Where: From Subic to Sta Cruz Zambales Take-Off Time: 3:00 AM from Balagtas Return to Origin: November 15, 2010 (this can be change to 1 day ride if somebody wants to join) Agenda: Test drive, check road status, check nice places / resort...
  14. rpacia

    T135 Replica

    Guys, do you have any idea what would be the outcome of an edited Fiat - Tech 3 vs Santander replica? I don't want to go with color change in my registration paper. I am thinking to do a Lorenzo Fiat replica editing all the blues with red and or Tech 3 replica editing the yellow with red. Or...
  15. rpacia

    Racing Bboy

    Looking for Brand New / Seldom Racingboy Parts Orange Swing Arm - 8,000 budget http://www.racingboy.com.my/details.asp ... 741&page=1 Colored Rear Set (Orange if possible) - 4,000 budget http://www.racingboy.com.my/details.asp ... 334&page=1 Big Disk - 1,700 budget...
  16. rpacia

    Yamaha T135 BULACAN Chapter part III

    Good morning Bulacan. Let's start a brand new thread and in behalf of Yamaha T135 Bulacan Chapter I wish that we can surpass50 pages in 3 months time. Post and enjoy. Most recent thread is http://www.yamahat135.com/forum/viewtop ... &start=980. We started this thread July 2010 and after 3...
  17. rpacia

    Yamaha T135 Bulacan Goes to Marilaque

  18. rpacia

    L/F: 4N Diamond Cut Pipe

    Your 4N Diamond Cut (please see link below) pipe to my DBS (with a large elbow) + COLD CASH. Let me know your price, PM or Txt 09063775883 just include Subject and yamahaT135 username. My location is Balagtas, Bulacan http://media.photobucket.com/image/4n%2 ... C01042.jpg <--ganto po...
  19. rpacia

    Yamaha Sniper Parts

    Yamaha Alloy Swing Arm - 4000 http://www.riversideshop.co.jp/goods_image/A285_Z1.jpg Yamaha Rearset - 3500 http://media.photobucket.com/image/yama ... CF3061.jpg YY Pang Shorty - 3000 http://photos-p.friendster.com/photos/9 ... 41816l.jpg Rear Brake System Yamaha LC135 225 - 8000...
  20. rpacia

    Looking for X1R Body Kit 2nd Hand

    I am looking for a 2nd hand (seldom) X1R body kit. Location is Balagtas Bulacan. Post pix if possible, You can reach at 09063775883 as well just include Subject and username. PM price TIA.