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  1. marcusfilter

    L/f Sniper Classic

    Looking for Sniper Classic, pa PM na lang pa meron thanks ride safe
  2. marcusfilter

    Yamaha Parts

    Hi Can I get parts for NMAX in Hat Yai? or where is the nearest from the location Thank you Ride safe
  3. marcusfilter

    Ahm M3 Spr/standard For Mx King150

    Pre-order AHM M3 for MX King 150 PM or Viber/Whatsapp +60172412312/09154444453(Roaming) *** Security deposit is required *** Thanks
  4. marcusfilter

    F/s Api Tech Ecm For Sniper Mxi

    PM, text, Viber/Whatsapp +60172412312, 09154444453(roaming) if interested API Software installed on my Windows 10
  5. marcusfilter

    F/s Hld 5th Gear 25t For Sniper Mx

    PM, text, Viber/Whatsapp +60172412312, 09154444453 (roaming)
  6. marcusfilter

    F/s Vixion Cams

    PM, text, Viber/Whatsapp +60172412312, 09154444453 (roaming)
  7. marcusfilter

    F/s Vixion Head And Base Gasket

    Text/Viber/Whatsapp 09154444453/+60172412312
  8. marcusfilter

    F/s Rb Rear Disk Round 260mm

    Text/Viber/Whatsapp 09154444453/+60172412312
  9. marcusfilter

    F/s Hyperspeed 25t Gear For Sniper Mx

    Text/Viber/Whatsapp 09154444453/+60172412312
  10. marcusfilter

    F/s Vixion Kit

    Text/Viber/Whatsapp 09154444453/+60172412312
  11. marcusfilter

    Ahm Color Canister

    PM or Text me at 09154444454 & +60172412312 Viber whatapp PM for orders, Sept 2015 dating ng Pinas Thanks
  12. marcusfilter

    Rb 260mm Rear Disk With Bracket

    PM me if interested Viber/whatsapp +60172412312
  13. marcusfilter

    Ahm M2 Titanium - Sniper 4s/5s, Raider 150

    AHM M2 Titanium for Sniper 4S/5S & Raider 150 PM, text me at 09154444453 or +60172412312 ( Viber/Whatsapp) Left ( M2 Standard ) Right ( M2 Titanium series )
  14. marcusfilter

    Ahm M2 Spr Sniper Classic And Mx

    AHM M2 SPR for Sniper Classic and MX now available *** will be available by May 2015, Security deposit of PHP3000.00 is required to avoid Flakers *** - No Security deposit, No AHM pipe - Last day for security deposit April 30, 2015. Bank details will be provided - SP/SPR models doesnt...
  15. marcusfilter

    F/s Sniper Classic & Mx Bucket

    PM or text me at 09154444453 for price Viber/whatsapp +60172412312 Limited items only
  16. marcusfilter

    F/s New Color Ahm Carbon Fiber Canister ( Red & Yellow Green )

    PM or text me at 09154444453 for price Viber/whatsapp +60172412312
  17. marcusfilter

    F/s Kappa Sniper Mx / Classic Box

    Kappa Sniper MX box PM or text me at 09154444453 for price Viber/whatsapp +60172412312 Limited item only
  18. marcusfilter

    F/s Motorex Chain Clean/lube And Quick Cleaner

    Motorex Chain Clean/Lube and quick cleaner set and cant be sold individually PM me for details
  19. marcusfilter

    F/s Repsol Moto Chain

    Repsol Moto chain. PM me for details