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  1. tibay-sniper

    MINI EB with SOS member here in CEBU

    Later pupunta kami ni paliLIIPArin sa tambayan ng CEBU BIKERS to meet up the Sniper Owners in CEBU tsaka meet up narin sa mga riders ng cebu.. ehehe parang mini EB narin to hehehe post pics if makakuha hehehe @admin please do change to location of this thread if its not on its proper...
  2. tibay-sniper

    LOOKING for SINGLE ARM for rear for my SNIPER

    Where can i find it?! and if possible how much?! or can estimate how much is this. like this one. please click on the video link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlS0yzShDxA Thanks,
  3. tibay-sniper


    just a question and hope the experts can enlighten me on this one. Is it possible to change fairings/flairings from SNIPER to x1-R!?!?!?! please let me know. thanks,
  4. tibay-sniper


    Hi experts, I need advice, can't seem to use my electric start button. When i used it when not heating the engine MC it won't work it seems that is like loWbat or something but when the engine MC is heated it will work?! what seems to be the problem?! Cause one time i forgot to check my...
  5. tibay-sniper


    Sir, just wanna ask if what is the problem if my parking light is ok but my brakelight won't work?! thanks... I think my bulb is almost at its limit. What bulb will i change with my brake and parking light?! does it have any specification?! like the voltage? thanks, need your advice pro's...
  6. tibay-sniper

    My SNIPEY with items from fibercraft and new rims and tires

    hehehe no engine mods yet... hehehe