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  1. MasterJAD

    Fs: Sniper Mx 6 Speed Transmission Kit

    magkano kaya top speed ng mx nito...? isip2x.
  2. MasterJAD

    K T M Duke 390 (2013)

    any updates?
  3. MasterJAD

    Project 2.5 Sniper Mx Mags To Classic

    looka good
  4. MasterJAD

    135lc 5speed To Fz Spec

    watch mode :)
  5. MasterJAD

    Exciter Gp Namrs Shop In Vietnam

    subscribing to this beautiful thread
  6. MasterJAD


    kita ko ani sa personal
  7. MasterJAD

    Pano Po Ba Masasabe Na Sliding Clutch Kna?

    watch mode...............
  8. MasterJAD

    How To Rebuild An Engine In 5minutes

  9. MasterJAD

    Fs: Lightweight Slotted Motogp Disc Rotor

    pm me for the price.
  10. MasterJAD

    Sniper Vs Tmx 155

    "walang mabagal na motor sa mabilis na hinete"
  11. MasterJAD

    YamahaT135 Safety Gears Check

    Helmet: YES (LS2 FF384 IRON by techdesign) Jacket: YES (Original (100%) Alpinestars T-Omega Hi Flow Jacket) Gloves: YES (Komine GK 110 Protect Carbon Mesh Gloves) Knee Pads: None Pants: Yes (Maong pants (JAG) ) hehe Boots: Yes (Nike, Addidas at Sketchers)
  12. MasterJAD

    Fs K&n High Flow Air Filter

    magkano ang washable oil filter mo paps?
  13. MasterJAD

    Fs: K & N High Flow Air Filter

    magkano brand new nito?
  14. MasterJAD

    F/s Nmf Pipe (orig Thailand-13 Cut)

    nice pipe
  15. MasterJAD

    F/s> Hgm Pipe Shorty

    ang ganda ng hgm tingnan ah
  16. MasterJAD

    Jollibee DOLLS :)

    benta dolls para sa mods. hehe