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  1. traxxas-modifier

    Yamaha R15 Yzf Service Manual

    Do you need the service manual for your Yamaha YZF R15 ? attached is the PDF Yamaha R15 Service Manual Hope that helps :)
  2. traxxas-modifier

    HID issue

    can you post pic bro ? thanks
  3. traxxas-modifier

    My Beloved Piper

    naka hibernate pa :-) mabubuhay rin in time hehe
  4. traxxas-modifier

    My Beloved Piper

    lolo at ang kanyang apo :D
  5. traxxas-modifier

    Yamaha Single Shifter Installation.

    hi bro that lower hole will go to the swingarm bolt. i think you need another plate attachment for the upper hole. the black rearset is for passenger footpeg
  6. traxxas-modifier

    Newbie Question Post It Here!!! [part Vi]

    takpan ng panibagong tela or patch :D
  7. traxxas-modifier

    How To Lightweight Road Bike

    in addition to @man_sate post - remove center stand - replace side stand with aluminum side stand (rcb) - replace front fork housing -replace your muffler mags and tires are the heaviest. dont forget to eat only once a day so you you will loose your weight
  8. traxxas-modifier

    Big Bore Electric Start Problem

    i think the uma starter now works with bigbore
  9. traxxas-modifier

    Open Pipe With Silencer Or Uma Pipe For Mxking?

    try both bro during dyno and see which one works best on your setup
  10. traxxas-modifier

    Looking For Side Bearing For Sniper 135 Classic

    its available in bearing center bro... bearing codes are here http://www.yamahat135.com/threads/yamaha-t135-bearing-codes.2953/
  11. traxxas-modifier

    New Ride - New Looks

    nice one bro! yypang's elbow is one of my best looking out there :D
  12. traxxas-modifier

    Gensan Sniper Club (G.S.C.) and Upper Valley Sniper Club Thread

    m asa naka ga work karon kol ? octagon gihapon? unsay marhaba carl?
  13. traxxas-modifier

    Check Engine 15...

    i suggest to post pics bro
  14. traxxas-modifier

    How To Wire An Led Bar Type Headlight

    yup red is direct from battery. brown is the positive from ignition key where you shoud tap your led lights. that is based from the classic 135 wiring... i think same wiring color coding on the 150 efi series
  15. traxxas-modifier

    Please Answer Me!

    racing cdi cost around P4K or usd$100
  16. traxxas-modifier

    (share) Engine Block With Coolant Bypass

    thanks for the info bro
  17. traxxas-modifier

    How To Lessen The Vibration Of Fairings

    how old is your bike bro? usually just tighten the screws
  18. traxxas-modifier

    How To Wire An Led Bar Type Headlight

    usually after ignition the positive is brown wire