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  1. sniper135lc

    F/s Degreaser For Engine Cleaning

    Hi Guys, i am selling liquid degreaser for cleaning of sprocket, chain,engine and etc. 500ml for 160 pesos. this is for laguna area. PM or text me on my # 09279776058 will post actual picture actual used on my bike. thanks
  2. sniper135lc

    Head Noise On Rocker Arm

    Hi guys good evening My sniper is stock never used other brand of valve spring still the old one that originaly installed in my bike but i just observe that there is a noise in my bike like modified cam or valve springs di you think guys i have to replace my cam shaft or valve spring? My sniper...
  3. sniper135lc

    Airbox Manifold Of Mx And Classic

    I just want to ask question regarding airbox manifold of MX. is it same with the stock manifold of Classic? as of now i am using the MX carb it is plug and play into classic but i cannot use my existing airbox since i found that it wont reach the air intake of the carburetor this is because mx...
  4. sniper135lc

    F/s Second Hand Items From Sniper Classic

    Combiz Mono shock 2.5k 2 week old Preferred location for meet-ups Binan Laguna only. can do ship the item but buyers shoulder the payments for shipping. just call or text to this number 09989774791
  5. sniper135lc

    F/s Sniper Classic Carburetor And Mio Carburetor

    stock sniper classic carb 1.5k stock mio soul carb 900 mio carb yung sniper na carb good working condition pinalitan lang ng allen yung mga bolt. will update sa picture lately. RFS: naka tambak nalang sa haus di nagagamit. text(09193190519) or pm me
  6. sniper135lc

    Project 2.5 Sniper Mx Mags To Classic

    hey guys want to share to you my current project on my sniper 135 H/C classic. since the trend now on performance on bike that the one with the wider mags or rim has a great grip and traction control on the bike. since i am using a converted daytona mags for x1r kit brake system i just want to...
  7. sniper135lc

    F/s Items Please Check My Add

    pleas click the link baka may naghahanap po text nyo lang ako 09994699850 http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/6236553/assorted+parts+for+sniper+mio+sporty+and+mio+soul
  8. sniper135lc

    L/f Specialist Welder Mechanic Near Binan Laguna

    mga sir tulong naman po baka may kakilala kayo specialist sa pag weld yung susunod sa mga papagawa ko po. alam naman ko na marami welder dito sa place ko kaso karamihan sa kanila lagi naka tangi sa mga ipapagawa ko parang mas maalam pa sila sa nag papagawa. di ko alam kung di nila kaya or nag...
  9. sniper135lc

    My Mio Sporty Swap To A Raider 150 2006 Model Is It Worth It?

    hey guys i need your suggestion about this matter anyone who own a raider 150. is it worth it to own this kind of bike. since it already too old bike will it give me great millage on long trips? will post later the picture of the raider 150 and my mio. please give some inputs i am in a tightest...
  10. sniper135lc

    L/f Front Emblem For Classic Sniper

    anyone could you please help me where can i buy this emblem logo of yamaha please see attach picture. i dont like the one with the solid emblem came from the 2010 model like the mio emblem i like the silicone type the one with the shielded one. i try to ask on the 3s but suddenly they already...
  11. sniper135lc

    piston type carb vs diaphragm type carb

    any idea what type of piston was reliable fuel saver in term of same throttle opening ? any comments on those two types of carburetor? about the old model sniper i think it uses a piston type on other hand the new sniper mx was using a diaphragm type carburetor. what is the difference? any...
  12. sniper135lc

    NOB1 silver first generation

    for sale napo yung pipe ko na NOB1 ito po yung first generation na NOB1 yung walang cut yung bend ang tubo. post ko yung picture tomorow for pick-up and meet-up lang po laguna area lang. pwede rin LBC shoulder nyo po ang shipping box still intact. RFS: stay stock pipe nalang no need for a loud...
  13. sniper135lc

    2nd hand parts sniper and mio

    sniper stock brake pannel -300 2 pcs. x1r stock brake pedal -300 x1r stock passenger peg -200 sniper stock passenger peg -200 mio soul stock carb -1.5k laguna area meetups within laguna area only can ship through LBC buyer will shoulder the courier. text or call 09994699850...
  14. sniper135lc

    mio sporty factory a/f setting and service manual

    i just buy a mio sporty a 2009 model since i buy it from the old owner manual was already loss. i am thinking if the sniper has a service manual maybe there is also for mio scooter. if anyone has this service manual please do share it. or any idea for the stock setting of a/f.
  15. sniper135lc

    where to buy this rareness accessories

    hey guys where can i buy this rare accessories of our beloved T135 muffler tip bar end x1r side mirror
  16. sniper135lc

    F/S portable compressor

  17. sniper135lc

    anyone know were to buy this tools?

    ive been looking for this tools since i more care about my mags rim. ive someone see this tools could you please tell me where can i buy this special tools. rim protector to prevent scratch on rim of the mags. tyre iron they call it used to remove the tire and separate the bead of tyre to the...
  18. sniper135lc

    L/F shift cam assembly for x1r

    1 4S3-E8540-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 2 4S3-E8185-00 SEGMENT name your price i just need it badly. here is my digit please text or call 09994699850.
  19. sniper135lc

    my 1st automatic sniper

    share ko lang yung dati kong matic na sniper.