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    Sniper 150 General Thread

    i think its not a good idea enlarging the cam gear since we all know the tension was on this side of the engine it can go back or moved to its abnormal position better look for adjustable type of cam gear. snipermx malayaklan is right even if you secure the tightness or else it will fail. it...
  2. sniper135lc

    Question For The Electric Starter For My T135i (europe-greece)

    Hi bro it is just normal. just don't use the starter often since you still use daily the kick. use start for just 3-4 seconds and don't overdo for more than it will damage the bendix drive of the starter.
  3. sniper135lc

    Sniper 150 General Thread

    is this true? decrease on engine oil? just planning to buy the Sniper MX 150. the first 2 issue i think it is very easy to be fixed but the engine oil meaning the rings is not enough to seal the oil in the crank case that's is why it burns. i doubt that oil will coming out from the oil seals.
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    Rain Boots Shoe Cover 350php

    paps just planning to buy a riding boots is it water proof? can it withstand the 16 hours endurance during rain. i believe your using the speed boots every time we rides.
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    mang kanor already passed out last 2014. but if your after on the girl she's around on muntinlupa working at ATC.
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    Classic Gearbox

    how about the classic one from 4 speed to 6 speed. @ Adiktus sorry bro no more stocks at Caloocan for classic i don't know with JVT because all shops here said JVT has it.
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    Newbie Question Post It Here!!! [part Vi]

    saan ka nakabili nyan paps?
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    FS: Rextor Adjustable CDI for T135 and Other Bikes

    di na yata nag bebenta si admin kasi nag pm ako sa kanya wala na reply. really want to test that ver2 rextor. -reduce fan check time. -lower temperature range to activate the fan. yan yung mga bagong feature ng rextor ver2.
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    Pakalat Kalat Na Post >_<

    Need For Speed Most Wanted?
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    Koso Digital Speedo Clock Always Back To 00:00

    try to check your main supply connection of the digital meter it should be connected on the ignition key i believe it has a plug and play socket that will tapped on the original socket of the ignition key.
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    Valve Adjustment Sound?

    including X1R. :)
  12. sniper135lc

    Valve Adjustment Sound?

    no problem bro i am really here to help all riders specially sniper, MX, MX150i users.
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    Valve Adjustment Sound?

    hi bro. i believe the benefits of loose or noisy clapping valve clearance are below: -Best fuel mileage. -better top end power. -good combustion results. downside: -the noise it is irritating. -bad for the adjusting screw and valve tip since it will wear early deformation on tip. -slow...
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    Head Noise On Rocker Arm

    checking the valves.