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    Just wondering the shark 65mm bore kit has it own bypassed cooling system, they covered the top portion of the cooling channels on the cylinder bore then I notice its big head product the 22/24 or any big valve cylinder head products has its water cooling channel opened that goes inside the top...
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    Clab-q General Thread

    What's up CLAB-Q ? :D
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    [email protected] Racing Parts

    pa bulong po big valves specs gawang lhk po ba yan? and details po sa clutch set bakit po 6 na yung springs nya uubra po ba yan sa classics? ty btw welcome back po
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    Looking For Oem Sniper Mx Manifold Or Oem/sgp Raider 150r Manifold

    LF> brand new OEM or SGP raider 150r manifold or Sniper MX manifold pm price. ASAP
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    Yss Shock With Cannister

    How much bro? pm price. thanks
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    For Sale: Assorted Parts

    boss kano yung yss monoshock and racingboy monoshock. Meron rin ba kyo MX or raider 150 manifold. ..
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    F/s 65mm Hispeed Bore Up Kit

    boss pa pm price thanks
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    SOS laguna weekly EB w/ pix

    headporter88 search him sa mcp naka base yun dito sa laguna
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    boss ok pa ba mono shock nyo?

    boss ok pa ba mono shock nyo?
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    F/s Ahm Pipe For Sniper/x1r

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    Sniper Lc135 Aftermarket Parts

    walang ibang pix yung carbs sir? pwedeng makita yung pihitan?
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    F/s Racing Boy Alloy Pedal ( Foldable )

    sir pwede po ba ito sa yamaha rearset yung unang unang yamaha rearset pa po.
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    F/s Second Hand Items From Sniper Classic

    what's the condition of this mono sir?...
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    Which Is Better Yamaha Sniper?

    classic the best para sakin. Limited edition. I agree iilan nalang kami. yung old school makapal yung mags. :) basta sniper ok sa chicks! diba? hehehehe :-D