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    Cms 6speed Tranny Vs Yzf R125 Tranny

    R125 kol is Genuine Yamaha Product hehehe mas gwapo sa loaded ang r125 :D
  2. SaM03

    Fs: Copper Head Gasket / Aluminum Base Gasket (57mm / 60mm / 62mm / 65mm)

    kol job tag pila ang head gasket 62 pa pm thx
  3. SaM03

    What's The Best Pipe For Yamaha Sniper Classic

    Namban pipe user here.... my mc is 186cc modded exhaust elbow... pinagaya ko ang laki nya sa HiSpeed Open Specs... maganda kasi namban ung elbow nya me bend eh... maganda backing compression... tapos ang tunog is super bassy... :)
  4. SaM03

    Basics Ways For Engine Methods!!

    galing ng tips mo @vhadz hehehe... sunod post ka rin dito ung mag overhaul at anong mga special tools gamitin pang tanggal ng magneto at balancer hehehe :P
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    Show your pipes exhaust

    here is the picture..
  6. SaM03

    Show your pipes exhaust

    hi guys... im gonna ask if anyone have already installed daeng pipe for our snipee?
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    Gensan Sniper Club (G.S.C.) and Upper Valley Sniper Club Thread

    unta 14-15 para naa areps heheh kay ting sahod :D
  8. SaM03

    It's 99 Vs 93

    go Lorenzo!! :) i love the new malaysian wildcard rider name Hafizh Syahrin in CEV Repsol Moto 2 his rank is 3rd.. i hope to see him in motogp next season :)
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    Hydraulic Clutch

    my friend has already installed in his Satrfia FU150 This picture is from Langgahinx (Yayem)
  10. SaM03

    It's 99 Vs 93

    if lorenzo is 1st place and marc is 2nd place still the champ is marc.. and if lorenzo is 1st and 2nd is rossi there is possibility.. i still choose Lorenzo.. very strategic person.. as for marc talented guy but he drives so crazy :D
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    Lightweight Sprocket (harder Than Steel)

    14/36 or 15/37 :)
  12. SaM03

    Option 1 Block

    i am using xray ceramic chrome bore forge piston 62mm price is 3k-3.5k pm jvalskie here i think he sell it..
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    Show your pipes exhaust

    baka mag sawa ka dyan sir benta mo sakin :D
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    Gensan Sniper Club (G.S.C.) and Upper Valley Sniper Club Thread

    kol sa tanan Mindanao T135 owners ni? or exclusive sa inyuha lng? (Pwd sa Dec 14-15 kol kay sahod na sa petsa 10 hehe para naa areps)
  15. SaM03

    Improvised Torque Booster?

    the one hose connected to AIS just connect it to the resonator.